Little Black Skirt Avec POP of Color!

3.) Pop of Color:

Spring is remarkably abysmal in its color spectrum. From soft pastels like dainty pink and mint to vibrant hues like siren red and cobalt blue, there’s little in the color gamut  that Mother Nature has yet to delight our eyes with. One of my favorite colors this season is Freesia, which according to Pantone Spring 2014 Colors is a rich “blazing” yellow with a slight orange undertone. Being versatile in its exuberant nature, this color can be easily paired with a vast array of neutrals like black, cherry red, and navy blue (wild card here)!


For my transitional baby step into Spring ensembles, i’ve decided to pair my little black skirt with a Freesia cropped top and ankle boots. In addition I completed the look with gold-toned tribal accessories from Thailand, which were few of the local trinkets my mom picked up when she visited Sai Noi Floating Market in Thailand.


A little background about Sai Noi — it’s an authentic floating market situated on the Phra Pimonrat canal in Nonthaburi, which is a quaint town 30 km from Bangkok that appeals to locals and foreigners alike with various fruits, desserts, grilled seafood, and hand-made accessories. Having grown up my entire life in Bangkok, I’d always look forward to taking vacations away from the bustling city overcast with sky-scraping towers and rainbow-colored cabs to explore new grounds.


From watching monkeys cross the streets in Lopburi to snorkeling with clown fishes in Phi Phi Island, those are the awaited “vibrant hues” in life that are uniquely rare and memorable. Thus like an ardent traveler walking on roads untrampled before, the vast array of Spring colors this season paved the fashion grounds for fresh new mix-matches, which makes the transitional phase from Winter’s monotone colors and oversized coats to Spring’s florals and colorful tops exhilarating and oh so worthy to be cherished.

From flower prints to statement tees to colorful cropped tops, I hope these 3 pieces would guide you in re-vamping your monochromatic wardrobe and prep you for the vibrantly warmer days to come!

Xoxo~ Lena  images


Credits: Jason J Photography

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