Sleeveless in Chicago


Truth be told, it’s easy to ride on the back of a fleeting moment when it comes to fashion. Seasonal trends arrive as swiftly as they go, from the eponymous Burberry poncho on Instagram’s wanderlust-inducing snaps to the duster coat that style mavens with bicoastal sensibilities layer up during the wintry days. Yet the truth of the matter is, there aren’t many styles that’ll shake up my wardrobe with endless pairing options and fluidly transition into the next season. Trendy as some styles may be, I find myself gravitating towards more perpetually versatile items that look good, get the job done right, and friendly from AM to PM across four seasons (okay maybe two).


Then I met the sleeveless coat and it was love at first sight when I saw a Valentino one online at Neiman Marcus’ 50% off sale! A trend so bold and eye-catching, it exudes a tactically sensible look partial to ladies with a classy taste. And that’s when I imagine my à la mode wardrobe palette gaining a refreshed and livened bolt of energy! With a slight menswear-inspired silhouette, the sleeveless coat can add an extra zest to any ensemble.


During the week pair it with a crisp button-down shirt and slacks to keep the chills at bay, and throw it on top of a cocktail dress for your evening soirée. Needless to say the choice of whipping up a new look with this coat is boundless! Here I channeled the Parisian sleek and streamlined look by pairing my new Zara find with a classic striped shirt, lace up heels and a small satchel. And of course, my classic cat-eye and red lips. Presto we’re ready to roll.


What’s your take on this fashionable find, and have you tried this look before? 🙂

Xo~ Lena


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Coat: Zara // Sweater: Loft// Pants: Paige// Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target// Bag: Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J Photography

139 thoughts on “Sleeveless in Chicago

  1. This is a quirky way to wear sleeveless on winter without compromising your health 😉 I wish I could pull this off without getting unwanted glances from people 😀

    Loving the snow effect ❤


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    • Hi Sarah, oh thank you that’s very lovely of you to say! I think it’s a stylish way to layer up and stay warm, I find it really well paired with cashmere sweaters for colder days! And of course lace up heels are worth the investment too 😉 Have a great one hun!

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  3. I love the look Lena! I actually wish it wasn’t so cold so I can wear coats for fashionable reasons instead of for practical reasons. I get to wear a big puffy jacket and look like a penguin ha ha! Now I have to wait until Spring to pull out my woal coats.


  4. love this look lena! you look so good in this makeup! have you done something differently apart from the sexy lips? hehe btw chicago is looking so damn fine! wish we had beautiful streets like that here in bkk 😦


    • Hello Annie dear! Thanks I think the eye cream really is working magic on my sleep-deprived eyes! I also got a new eyebrow pencil so that helped define my features more? Haha~ honestly I don’t know 😛 And about Bangkok, I know what you mean, it’s so difficult to walk on the streets and not be mindful of what you’re stepping on! I remember when I visited a few years ago I was always poked in the head by the umbrellas given how every girl walking on the streets has one! Have a great weekend ahead love!!


    • Thanks for stopping by Isabel! 🙂 I know the feeling, it’s getting super cold here in Chicago too and if it wasn’t for the sweeping heat wave this week this number would still be sitting in my closet! Have a great one love!!


  5. I’ve been lusting after such a coat ever since Charlotte from Sex and The City appeared in a red one in the movie. It’s mesmerizing! And the shoes are to die for! (too bad I’m too tall – read incapable of – wearing heels like these!)
    Kisses, Sylvia


    • Hi Sylvia! Oh I just googled it and she looks amazing in that cape! Ah it’s such a classic look that defies moving trends and passing times! I’m 5″9 so I completely understand the feeling of being a giant in the room, which is why on the weekends when I get dressed up I take these bad boys out for a spin. Have a great one love!

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  6. First, I always enjoy reading your posts. The posts are well written and informative. Second, love the cape, particularly how you paired it with the stripe shirt, and eye-catching shoes. Your style is amazing! I hope you have a great weekend! Until your next post! xoxo


    • Hi Abrielle! I hope you are doing well love! Thank you for your compliments on my writing, I’m happy to know that my blogging friends that stop by enjoy the alphabets glazed on the page as much as they like the vibrant pictorials! Thank you love that means a lot to me! Have a great weekend ahead!! 🙂

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  7. Love your outfit! Loved how you styled that poncho! The places you go to take pictures looks amazing! Have a great weekend! Ting xoxo


    • Hi Ting, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked this outfit, yes this whole poncho/cape/sleeveless coat trend is so popular this season! It’ll soon get really cold here so I was glad to put it to good use before the puffer jackets come out lol~ Have a wonderful weekend ahead love! 🙂


    • Hi Aleksandra! Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your kind compliment it’s well taken to heart! Ah I know what you mean, we are back to the cold wintry days, but every now and then Mother Nature is in a good mood and we’ll have some slightly warmer days to take a coat like this out for a spin! 🙂 Have a great one love!


  8. OH MY!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this look! That cape coat is amazing babe, very feminine yet chic 😉 I’ve been looking for a cape for quite a long time now, but up until now I haven’t found one which meets my requirements. It has to be timeless yet chic, a high collar and the price should be affordable too hehehe. Do you have any suggestions where I can find the perfect cape coat, Lena? 😉 Happy Monday gorg! xo


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