Flower Power


One of the wondrous thing about Spring is the abundance of flowers in full bloom. Transitioning from a cold blatant winter to a notably new and invigorating season, Mother Nature has a surefire way of easing us into a new stage of life through the polychromatic vibrancy of flower petals and leaves. I remember the good ol’ college days at the UW when every spring there was a myriad of cherry blossoms in the midst of the Quad; walking to classes every morning felt like a leisurely stroll through an utopian world invariably different from my current setting. I believe the colors of spring are so enchantingly abstract and multi-dimensional that it can be appreciated not just from afar (usually with cameras at hand) but also in our day-to-day lives.


The mixture of colors and designs of flowers in full blossom have taken the fashion world by storm, full incorporated into powerhouse designs such as Valentino’s statuesque gowns to Pilotto’s seemingly clash of foliage and petal-inspired pants. Whether the designs are woven into an A-line skirt with a crop top or a head-to-toe maxi dress paired with neutral espadrilles (sangria anyone?), the designs are avant-garde and chic. In my outfit today I wore a navy dress with flower patters in mint, baby blue and pink long the sides and shoulders. The color placements not only added a touch of vibrancy to my dark sheath but also contoured my figure by pulling the attention outward. I then played along with the exuberant colors by adding a necklace to reflect the rosy petals on my dress to fully bring forth the pastel hues of spring.

Shutterbugs or not, I have my flowers in full bloom 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena  images








Credits: Jason J Photography http://www.jason-j-photography.com/




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