Casual Matters


When it comes to your capsule wardrobe, what are some essentials that are in heavy rotation? A dark pair of skinnies that you resort to, instantaneously making you look 5 pounds lighter? Or a nifty puffer jacket with down-filled inserts that warmly grace you through winter? As for moi, I have a predilection for pieces that are not only perpetually stylish but also appease the “time is of the essence” concern. Especially days when the ticking hand is not on good terms with me.


Say it’s casual Friday morning and you woke up to your alarm clock setting off, only to realize that you slept through the other two (and they say 3rd time’s the charm…how amusing). With no time to berate yourself for indulging in happy hours (plural) the night before, you’re now battling with the dilemma of “how to prep yourself in 10 minutes”. So what items do you take refuge in? An item that I always seek solace in is a textured shawl.


And here’s why – not only will it compliment a few of your favorite outfits and stretch your budget further for your Christmas shopping needs, the wearing options are also endless. Say you can 1.) Perch atop your shoulder, 2.) Wind it around your neck to create a natural drape, or 3.) Tie the ends together to create a baggy cardigan. And when you have 2 minutes and counting to pick an add-on that would keep you shiver-free during your commute (option 2) and ward off the chills at the office (option 1), the shawl is a stylish option for all your fashion-conscious folks!


In my outfit today I brought out a new find, a tri-colored shawl with seamlessly executed textural spots scattered across the board. To stay in tandem with the colors, I wore a pink button-down shirt and black skinnies. A stylish way to add some color to the ensemble? A tribal gold-toned necklace placed under the collar, one whose color scheme is not askew from the main outfit, and a hands-free tote like this Marc Jacobs one. Also my pony hair boots gave all the ease of edge and flair as the buckles and folded texture at the ankle makes it truly a unique pair.


So tell me, have you jumped on the shawl bandwagon yet, and if so, how do you wear yours? 🙂

XO~ Lena


Top: Banana Republic // Shawl: H&M// Pants: Paige// Shoes: Via Spiga// Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J Photography

109 thoughts on “Casual Matters

  1. I love shawls! I wear them all the time in every way. They really come in handy 🙂 I love your shawl, the colors are so nice. Ugh I can’t wait to go to H&M this weekend and look for some of the stuff you posted that I need in my life lol xoxox Janet

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  2. Hi beautiful! Looooove this look! Lately we’re “doing” casual at work a lot too and I’m running out of ideas! 😁 I wore something similar a couple of days ago, except for the boots ( GORGEOUS! 😍👌 ) and shawl. I wore heels instead and a leather jacket with a fur vest on top! I will definitely wear it like this too!😌
    Have a great weekend!
    Lots of xx,


  3. I love this beautiful tri-color! The texture is gorgeous. It reminds me of my days in the weaving lab at University and of making handwovens.
    I, too, am a big scarf fan. I have an extensive collection… Now I just need to find a better storage solution, LOL. Lots of love, Jacqueline


    • HI Jacqueline! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience, must be an absolute delight to take a weaving class, I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes maybe one of these days I’ll take up a class too! I’ve recently discovered the hanging closet organizer and it’s great in storing scarves and shawls, if you haven’t tried it already I would highly suggest it! 🙂

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  4. Loving this outfit. Those are basically the only colors I have in my closet (I know, too monotone…), but I love it because you can create an on-point outfit like that in under a minute! Great post Lena!


  5. Lately my “go to” piece has been my dad’s vest cardigan. I practically live in it, and it’s a great layering piece over my long sleeve cardigans and sweaters for the autumn. I love the look of shawls such as yours – the texture is amazing and seems so cozy! However, I always feel like they are just as difficult to wear as they are easy. Sure you can throw it over your shoulder, but I’ve found they aren’t the friendliest to wear in “real” life – e.g. going to the ladies’ room, or washing my mug in the sink in the break room at work. Or maybe it’s not the shawl, its ME.

    Lookin’ good!



    • Hi Victoria, thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean, it’s definitely an item worn to keep one warm and cozy, I would say it’s my go-to piece to keep the chills at bay in the office and wrapped around my neck during my commute, or even as an accessory during an event, but other than that I think for the purposes you mentioned it’s best to stick with a blazer or a solid coat 🙂


  6. The colours on the shawl are to die for! Love how you accessorised the outfit so the shawl is the main attraction! And gosh, it’s snowing over there! Hope it’s not too cold 🙂 X


    • Hi Naeun! Oh I just emailed you a second ago haha~ it got slightly warmer during the snow day but then drops down to below freezing again afterwards! Hope all’s well love!! Always happy to see you stop by, and thanks for your lovely comment dear!


  7. hey gorgeous!! I SEE SNOW! that’s so exciting. i love snow.. but i hate the cold. hahaha! hope you’re keeping yourself warm lena 🙂 btw the color of that shawl is absolutely gorgeous, looks flattering on you! and your curls look really bouncy and silky. share me your secret? 😛


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