Faux Fur Feeling


With the cold weather back in full swing, it’s easy to resort to wardrobe essentials that deliver the effect (shivers no more) but not quite the aesthetics. Sure the collegiate dress code filled with mascot-infused sweatshirts and shearling-lined UGG boots ward off the winter chills, but quite frankly it’s lacking the “zing” in trending. So rather than spawning a closet full of workhorse items that have tenets of minimalistic dressing but void in making a fashion statement, it’s notable to invest in one or two investment pieces that take canny heed in style and function. A camel duster coat like this wool belted one is a solid contender, and so is a faux fur jacket – a quintessentially classic piece with an upper echelon flair.


Whether you want to get your cold weather style wrapped up with vintage-inspired faux fur boleros or shearling-trimmed cover-ups, there are many styles that give you the eclectic flair without compromising duty. To stage that on-trend look, here’s my top 3 styles:

1.) LEOPARD PRINT – technically a neutral when it comes to wardrobe styling, a leopard print coat can be worn with an all-black ensemble to keep the look clean and streamlined (New York style mavens rejoice!) Just make sure there’s a sliver of skin that peeps through; you know what they say, a small flash of flesh is hotter than an eyeful. So think black sweater + ankle length leather pants + slip-ons, or a vintage-inspired LBD with sheer tights and knee high boots. With holiday shopping in full swing, now you can shop NORDSTROM for NYE Dresses starting at $65.

how to wear white in the winter. I wouldn't do real fur, but a nice white/cream coat over black dress and black boots with black gloves-perfect. faux fur leopard coat

2.) LONG – the maxi style amongst faux fur coats, this look is for you if you’re an avid follower of the Olsen twins (or you just like your legs covered up during below freezing weather). Team it with knee high boots and a lengthy embroidered dress for a Sunday brunch, and add on some bedazzling jewels when you’re glamorously ready for a night out in town.


3.) CROPPED – ideal teamed with high-waisted pants and skirts for that slick and polished look, a close fitting cropped jacket can be paired with just about anything – silk button downs with maroon skinnies , tartan under chambray shirts like this Rag and Bone one, and even your oversized shirt dress with stockings! Here I wore my purple cropped faux fur coat with straight-leg ankle pants (sold on the side embellishments) and strappy heels to bring forth a classic, clean silhouette.

Image Via: Thrifted & Modern 2-292-402-472-25

From floor-length styling for extra warmth and appeal, to the “rawr” factor behind leopard prints, what’s your go-to faux fur coat for Winter? 🙂

Xo~ Lena


Coat: H&M // Tank: Banana Republic// Pants: H&M// Shoes: Aldo// Bag: Phillip Lim// Necklace: K. Amato

Photos: Jason J Photography

146 thoughts on “Faux Fur Feeling

  1. I love all of your faux fur coat style picks: leopard print, long, cropped at the waist? I’ll take one of each!! I like the subtle purple hue in the coat you’ve chosen for this look and I could go on forever about how awesome those trousers are! XO-Danielle


    • Thanks Mojisola! You know girl I’m always so happy to see you stop by, my stylish and beautiful friend! I love your new look with the camel coat oh my your taste is impeccable!! Have a great week too dear!! Much love~


    • Hi Lauren! I’m glad you liked this ensemble love~ I really have to say once I jumped on the faux fur bandwagon I can’t seem to get off! It’s such a warm and cozy way to dress up for any occasion without compromising style! Hope you have a great day love! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hii lena!! how was your weekend? 🙂 i absolutely love that side detailing on your trousers! and girl.. you look so gorgeous in pony tail! you have such a tiny face. something i’ve always been jelly of 😛


    • Hihi Annie! My weekend was great, how about yours hun? Ohh I see your new post on seafood *drools* I need some yummy Thai food to get my week going haha! Oh dear you’re too kind, my face is getting rounder by the minute~ I blame on holiday sugar cookies and my over-indulgence in Starbucks seasonal drinks! Lol~ have a great one dear!


  3. SQUEE, and double squee, and triple effing squee!!! The coat, the pants! Perfection! I’m so obsessed with faux fur right now I can’t get over your fabulous coat! ❤


  4. Gorgeous! You’re always killin it. I love how this faux is a purple tone – definitely unique! Not to mention those pants with the gem detailing on the side. AHH. Perfection


  5. I have tuxedo pants, but I love the sides of yours ❤ Another amazing outfit Lena! I wish the H&M at Mall of America had the pants and coat. I need to go again to check it out 🙂 Janet


      • Well if you ever visit MN, you have a friend more than willing to shop with you lol. It isn’t all that great, sort of like a Woodfield but bigger. They are expanding and I hope that means Luxury brands are coming, ahh one can dream xo


  6. Wow I love everything about this outfit, Lena! I think it’s actually my favourite one of yours to date! Love all the details and I can’t believe the coat is and pants are from H&M – you make it look like it’s off the runway! xx


    • Hi Naeun, oh that’s so sweet of you dear yes I fell in love with them the moment I walked in (coincidentally they were placed in close proximity to one another). Oh the hunt for a faux fur coat is finally over!! 😉


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