Little Black Skirt Avec Statement Top

 2.) Statement Top:


The human body is extremely susceptible to non-verbal cues. After all, 80% of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions are conveyed via body language rather than the nuances set forth by words and sentences. Thus creative directors in this year’s London Fashion Week grappled with this silent yet resounding notion by donning one’s fabric artwork with graphic prints and designs that enunciated words unspoken. One of my favorite shows is Preen’s Fall 2014 collection with its throwback to the ‘70s, the vast array of iconic Darth Vader imageries sprawled over the catwalk. Though the forthcoming Star Wars Episode 7 wouldn’t reach the silver screen ‘til 2015, the eponymous franchise sure knows how to reel in our attention by purveying iconic characters within our fashion radar. Who knew all that huffing and puffing would bode well with top players in high fashion circuits?


In tandem with villain-inspired imageries on the runway were other statement pieces that set the tone for tête-à-tête conversations amongst front row audiences. Miuccia Prada’s array of bright colors and bold prints across the Milan Fashion Week runway represented Mexican muralists’ perception of a strong woman and her vigorous personality. What I’ve noticed about these women on the graphic sheaths is how their dynamic personalities are widely conveyed via the dazzling colors of their outfits. Thus this brings to mind how influential our body language is in relaying our thoughts and emotions to those within our circle of encounters, from the way we carry ourselves to our choice of clothing.


Thus from runway to walkway, here’s my interpretation of pairing a statement tee with a staple item. And yes, those fangs stay put 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena  images


Credits: Jason J Photography

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