The Chill Factor


Fashion is fleeting and fickle. Fashion is fun. It’s a perpetually evolving force to be reckoned with, and a trajectory of art in human form. There’s no doubt that as we move in tandem with fashion’s rhythmic steps every season, we’ve noticed something quite true, that in essence fashion is partial to the sweeping “fresh factor”.

What this means is that every season comes new designs that enviably cool trend-setters emulate. Think neoprene – a street style wonder child. Denim culottes – throwback to Paris circa 1580. Clodhoppers – a Seoul Fashion Week salute.


Come to think about it, I’m a facile juggler of different styles and trends — ones that quickly come this season as they quickly go. A mantra that I duly chant, I mean, live by? Trying nouveau trends at least once and truly own your look (begrudge the snickers and eye rolls, brave ones). Lend a casual twist to denim with a high-waisted jean. Herald the start of the overcoat + sneakers + beanies trend.  Heck go all out and wear a pastel culotte and add a speck of playfulness to your weekend wares. Who knows, it might just be here to stay!

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If you ask me a tried and tested trend that I currently love, it would be the color-blocking coat. Something about crisp Autumn hues in multiple shades black, grey, olive, and navy add an extra pep to a monochrome jacket (like this one HERE).  Here’s how I confected a Fall-friendly “chill look” that won’t make you snooze – I paired a Vince color-block coat in olive and grey with a mustard cashmere sweater. Given that grey underlies the main theme, dark yellow was thrown in for good measure to lighten the color palette. And to keep the cool girl vibe on par, I wore a pair of black slip-on sneakers (I love this Saint Laurent pair with its edgy feline print!)


Did I say cool minimal trend never goes out of style? And that a a two-toned jacket in neutral shades is a surefire way to transition stylishly into the next season? And don’t forget — whether channeling a street fashion look with classic staples or cutting-edge designs, the ingredients for spot-on outfits entail personal style and spunk! Like I said, make it your own and have some fun with it 😀

Xoxo~ Lena


v-5v-12v-32v-3h-27v-9h-9Photos: Jason J Photography

Coat: Vince// Top: J Crew// Pants: Paige// Sneakers: Sperrys// Shades: Prada// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Ring: H&M

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100 thoughts on “The Chill Factor

    • Yes indeed a minimal trend is always “trending”! I’m with you on the graffiti, I love going to the Pilsen neighborhood for my shoots as the graffiti is a pure form of art. And there’s a lot of story behind it too! Hope you get a chance to come back and visit soon! 🙂


    • Thank you Julie! Yes I love the oversized trend it’s so chic paired with skinnies and tights! By the way it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and I hope we stay in touch! Looking forward to seeing you again at the next event! xoxo~


  1. beautiful you beautiful backdrop! haha this look looks really comfortable and cozy. thinking i might have to go with something like this when i’m in seoul next week!


    • Oh how fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Seoul and seriously live there for a month or two. I am a firm believer in kpop fashion! Lol~ have fun girl and I can’t wait to see your traveling pictures!! And yes, I see a lot of style mavens in Korea wearing the large overcoat, so chic and cool! 🙂


  2. Hi Lena,

    Sorry I’ve been MIA visiting your blog lately. I just had two injections in my right hand and have been swollen for days. I’m finally feeling so much better today. I’ve missed stopping by! Your posts always inspire me so much.

    I agree that fashion is both fun and fickle. I love the color blocked coat and can see why it’s one of your favorites. You look stunning my friend! I can’t wait to see yournext post! 😉

    xoxoxo! Maria


    • Hi Maria! I’m sorry to hear about your hand, I’m glad you feel better! Yes I think the same way about your fashion blog, it’s always so fun and insightful! Is it getting slightly cooler in Florida? Good gracious we’ve been having 35 degree weather and it’s finally time for me to roll out the puffer jackets! Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful week and again thanks for dropping by it’s always good to see you here Maria! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the color-blocking coat ‘thing’/trend as well! And it’s looking wonderful on you!
    Trying new things is great indeed, i tried very wide trousers for example and never expected to like them so much!


  4. Such a classic coat you’re wearing, and you oull it off so well! Plus I completely agree with you about minimalistic fashion. It really goes a long way, and is so so much more classier (and flawless) as opposed to over-the-top trends we see nowadays. And my god, that graffiti wall took my breath away. So so artistic and indeed an eye candy!!’


    • Thanks Anshul, yes I agree minimalistic trend will never go out of style and I”m loving the normcore trend this season. The graffiti wall is very unique as it illustrates the history of Chicago in artsy creations! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  5. Damn! how could I missed this post.
    I always adore your writing Feline, how I wish I could be like you, I will keep on practicing more. You’re right about culottes, I remember the first time I saw a pair of culottes. It was during high school when I was required to wear them during P.E. I hated them back then because I thought they looked like crap. lol I love them so much now, that if I still had my old pair of culottes and still fit in them, I would’ve probably worn them out again. It’s amazing how one’s style preferences can change drastically through time.

    April of:
    IG: @beybiapril


    • Hi April, thanks for your lovely comment you just sent me to cloud 9 🙂 You know it really is something along the lines of “practice makes perfect” which took me a long time to grasp. So over time I’m sure you’ll get there hun 🙂 And yes doesn’t style just reinstate itself from time to time? Funny how something we balked at a decade or so ago can be so trendy at the moment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That coat is definitely super cool with the oversized silhouette and hood/shawl collar combo. I myself am averse to trends for the reasons you listed above (fickle! fleeting!), but without them….fashion would be boring! I’m gonna try to step outside the box when I can.


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