Stay Calm & Carry On

“Blooming under a cold moon, we are like fireworks. Rising, shining, and finally scattering and fading. So until that moment comes when we vanish like fireworks, let us sparkle brightly. Always.” – Tite Kubo


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word  imgres-1?

Is it chasing after an aspiring career? Is it meeting that special someone that makes you love, laugh and cry? Or is it just the mere palpitation of the heart that keeps our corporal engine running? To me, life is not just the physical act of living but also the multi-faceted pursuits and endeavors that make each day impelling, worthwhile, and adventurous.


However, sometimes life gets a little shaky and “modern” afflictions may cause us stress, dampen our livelihood, and disrupt our inner Zen. So here to introduce to you are a few ways to alleviate stress and improve well-being to pave way for a genuinely happy and healthy life.     

Who says when the going gets tough the tough can’t get going? Step 1-2-3-4 let’s fire that engine!



Do one thing a day that makes you happy, whether it’d be going to Bikram yoga, moving those feet to a little tune, or finding online deals like saving 70% on Top Brands at Shopbop.comExperts say that stress can elicit cortisol what causes the body to store more fat cells around the waist. The next time stress kicks in and your arm latterly reaches for a cookie, get up and engage in something else. Your body will thank you later for fending off that sugar crash.

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2.) H2O

You know what they say, 6-12 glasses a day keeps the doctors away (some believe it’s apple, but prolonged dehydration would claim otherwise). When your body is dehydrated, you tend to hold on to more water weight, which causes puffiness and bloating. To keep your cells collaterally hydrated and your immune system on par, try to drink at least 70 ounces of water a day. To amp up your taste buds, squeeze in half a lemon as it would aid with healthy digestion. Also when you wake up in the morning drink one glass of water before starting your day – it would help flush out the toxins accumulated from the night before.



Along the line of doing something fun everyday, it’s essential to engage in activities outside the four corners of a wall. Ride a bike, stroll along the lakefront, or run a 2 mile trail. The link between 30 minutes of daily physical movements and improved mental health is irrefutable. Not to mention sunlight therapy, or “heliosis” as the Greeks call them, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure which slashes away stress hormones and anxiety concerns.



Not necessarily the organic food chain that charges $15 for a salad, but eating a wholesome diet with multitude of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish allows us to steer clear of fat-inducing chemicals found in refined and processed foods. Think of salmon & almonds = omega 3 fats = brain power. Think of fruits & vegetables = Vitamin C, D, E = healthy heart, joint and skin. And cutting back on caffeine can reduce anxiety and panic tendencies. Which is why i kicked the can (literally) and abstained from coffee. So refrain from starchy fast foods and invest in more fresh produce. You’ll feel less lethargic and more healthy!

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So put on those walking shoes, fill up that BPA-free water bottle, and step out to embrace the warmth, energy, and life of your surrounding. Not only will you body feel more robust and energized, but you’re also bound to discover novel things – a trail, a route, or a new friendship!

Xoxo~ Lena


92 thoughts on “Stay Calm & Carry On

    • Thanks J. Frost! I agree a happy and healthy life is doing favor for ourselves and others. I truly believe in wholesome well-being and making a positive impact on others with our favorable outlook on life. Have a happy wednesday dear!! Much love~


  1. Hi Lena! I definitely agree. Self care is essential! 🙂
    I love all your pictures as always, but I ABSOLUTELY ADORE that second photo! Wow, you look like you are lifting into the sky! 😉


    • Hi Julie, thanks for the comment dear you’re so sweet! Yes I think my photographer did a great job in capturing the illuminating glow before the sun set for the day. Thanks for your compliment and have a great one!


  2. Hi Lena, this post really hit home for me because I’ve been struggling with extreme dissatisfaction, stress, and unhappiness with my job. I’ve been thrifting a lot lately, which is my fun thing that I like to do to unwind, but I recognize that sometimes shopping is not the best way to feel better. I’d like to get back to being active, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy or willpower after a long, stressful day at work to do something active. I’ll try to work on that.


    • Hi Nout! So happy to see you stop by! Girl you know I really resonate with your comment as I am the same way. There’s always so much going on after work (dishes to clean, dog to walk, family to spend time with) and it really takes willpower and dedication to prioritize our to-dos. What has helped me lately is trying to be active throughout the day in little increments like taking a longer walk during lunch break. Also I enroll in yoga classes during the weekend so that has helped me hone my mental strength (to not reach for that 2nd cookie for instance). I hope this would give you some inspiring ideas and hope you feel better soon dear! Take care 🙂


  3. Great post, Lena! Thanks for the reminders for staying healthy! I need it! Nursing school keeps me busier than I’d like, but I’m almost done!! I loved seeing the flashback photos, and the food photos looked yummy!!


    • Hi Shireen! I know what you mean it’s getting quite cold here in Chicago too! Come to think about it maybe that’s why I can’t give up my gym membership because I think if I do then it’ll just be the couch + tv on a Tuesday night! 🙂


  4. Look beautiful like always! love all your outfit choices<3 I will for sure be trying them out. The food also looks amazing! Wish I wasn't in college to be able to make my own food. Something I always told myself was that even if the food is expensive, i rather spend a lot of money on healthy food then going to the doctor because I get sick 🙂

    lovely blog post!


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