Little Black Skirt Avec Flower Print

Winter has gone and spring has sprung, says the lady bidding adieu to the Polar Vortex-scathed winter in Chicago. The due effect of Spring, like a hibernating flower bud coming to life, invigorates perspectives and creativities that never once carried forth in seasons prior. All of a sudden an image, a thought, a trinket so perennial and mundane becomes a forward pull for novel ideas and adventures. Thus in an effort to move forward with such novelty, I’ve decided to take a relic in my wardrobe, albeit a staple item like a little black skirt, and pair it with 3 tops inspired by avant-garde designs at this year’s Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Week. Thus here’s the first pattern inspired by the budding essence of Spring:

1.) Flower Prints


One of the takeaways from this year’s Paris Fashion Week is the myriad of floral prints and patterns diffused on the runway. From the likes of Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, the effortless concoction of botanical patterns never seem to go out of style, whether it’d be models strutting their flowery gowns in La Ville-Lumière or à la street-style inspired Satorialist.

Xox~ Lena  images


Credits: Jason J Photography

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