A Baroque Taste of Decadence

Prints, whether retro patterns or contemporary designs, have been the part and parcel of many summer lookbooks this season. Whether your go-to print is Givenchy’s edgy mural shirts, Valentino’s superimposed moiré patterns, or Dolce and Gabbana’s ornamental brocade, there’s an abstract design to tickle anyone’s fancy. Feminine and poised? Pair a white crop top with a floral midi skirt. Avant-garde and fashion forward? Tug a button-down shirt in a pair of techno-tribalism pants. Androgynous and chic? Channel your dark Roman Goddess with an opulent baroque sheath.

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Though this Italian born and bred design dates back to the 17th century, baroque style has made a grandeur comeback on fashion’s radar this season. Designers like Marni and Balmain have sent high-dollar Renaissance-inspired woven garments down the runway, most noticeably printed silk gowns and “motion graphic” prints that evoke an ethereal aura unparalleled by those before them. I love how baroque-style prints are so versatile and can effortlessly add a stylish flair to any getup! From minimal detailing on belts and scarves to full-fledged effect on crew neck dresses, you can count on baroque prints to spruce up any monotonous outfit.

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In my outfit today I caved in to such baroque decadence by wearing a maroon top with dark foliage prints. I added an accent clutch to reverberate with the sculptural look, and given the red parallel line on my bag picked up the undertone of my shirt, the duo prints did not clash like the battle of two clans. A failsafe way to mix and match two prints? Match a busier pattern with a neutral print, or if you prefer nautical tones, match large stripes with thinner ones. To complete my outfit, I kept the remaining pieces subtle in the background – a nude pink necklace, J-Brand denim skinnies, and a pair of pointy kitten heels.

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Who says you have to visit the Toledo Museum of Art to gain baroque inspirations from the Dramatic Image of the 17th century? From price savvy H&M to upscale Givenchy, the opulent Victorian-era gown to the neoprene graphic shirt, there’s a place and price point for everyone to paint their baroque murals on! For that your wardrobe will thank you for breaking out of the monotonous shades of black, white and grey 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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Credits: Jason J Photography http://www.jason-j-photography.com/

Shirt – Vince Camuto// Jeans – J Brand// Shoes – Nine West// Sunglasses – Prada// Clutch – Gift Shop in Kenya// Necklace – Forever 21

17 thoughts on “A Baroque Taste of Decadence

    • Thanks Lauren! I highly recommend J.Brand jeans for their flattering fit and non-fading material. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it still looks and feel like new! Let me know if you find any cute ones at the Nordstroms sale! Speaking of the sale, have you gotten any items from the event, and if so will you be doing a haul? 😉


  1. You’re gorgeous and I’m so in love with your blog! ❤ Photos are amazing as well. There are some truly stunning shots!


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