The Fall Sartorialist


Now that Fall is in full swing, there are many seasonal bearings to embrace that were absent in the beach-frollicking season prior. Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks for some, watching leaves falling on the wayside for others.

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For most of us either in school or a 9-5 gig, we’d like to think of Fall as the bold resurgence of mix-match pairing. Sometimes all it takes is a new silhouette, layering technique, or a wardrobe staple to help you bring your oldies back into rotation. So don’t pack up your summer outfits yet, here are some tips on rekindling the old flame:

1.)  In-Vest: Cheesy as this sounds, you can up the fashion ante by investing in a solid vest. Whether it’s wool blend with satin lapels or faux fur with toggles, it gives your ensemble an edged up look.

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2.) Mix prints: Sartorial street style can a visceral instinct for some (or a styling entourage to get it down pat), but it’s not rocket science to master the MOD look. Geometric prints look awesome with plaid flannel, and black and white stripes goes well with bright colors. To avoid being drafted by InStyle as a fashion faux paus, make sure neither prints are too boisterous.

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3.) Accessories: Layered bracelets, chunky necklaces, or tribal earrings. On untamed mane days, give your confection a makeover with a wide-brimmed fedora.

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So create an exciting new look with the layering effect without forking out the greenbacks for a new wardrobe. Mix and match your wardrobe staples, and have fun styling the model YOU!

Xo~ Lena


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Top: Urban Outfitters// Vest: H&M// Jeans: Hudson// Shoes: Vince Camuto// Fedora: H&M// Bag: TopShop// Bracelet: Forever 21 + J Crew// Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J


Monochrome À La Mode

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From flare to body-con, from ’30s midis to boxy wool sweaters, monochromatic black ensembles were omnipresent in fashion week shows across the Western Hemisphere.  A lineup of trend-setting antics that elicit a subtle sense of chic, avant-garde elation was sprung from the classics: sculptural tops, waxen jackets, perforated pullovers, and (a fashion staple) leather skinnies.

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An applauding mishmash of classic vibes isn’t new to the fashion world. Down the Lincoln Center catwalks to the stone-cobbled streets of Paris, celebrities and socialites alike gear towards this classic streamlined look for its underscored à la mode impression. Simply put – versatile and never out of style.

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We can take a page out of Poppy Delevingne’s style playbook and put together an all-black ensemble that lends itself nicely to an evening soirée. Or a 9-5 gig. Or a retail therapy session. So to master this veritably chic style in your everyday life, take note of the following:


1.) Fabrics – Vary in texture! Macramé tops, wool pants, leather moto jackets, you get my drift. Make sure dense and sheer fabrics offset one another. You don’t want to pair a mesh top with a lace body-con dress. Leave some to the imagination.

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2.) Accessories Tribal beads, stackable rings, printed scarfs, fedoras. Accenting your outfit with colorful baubles and season-appropriate toppers would galvanize you to anywhere but ho hum.

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3.) Lips Pucker up! Give the dark ensemble a shot of adrenaline with fiery red lips! Cherry or fuchsia, coral or pink. Choose one that bodes well with your skin tone (say young maiden, bold red for fair, orange for medium, berry for dark).

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My head-to-toe black ensemble today resonates with the idea of simplicity with an edge. Highly enamored by this Alexander Wang number the moment I walked in the store, the subtle folds across the front adds a tendril of flair to a classic silhouette. To hold steady my visual interest, I mix and mingled various fabrics like a patterned leather jacket and dark denim skinnies. Gold-toned accessories are my go-to source of color as well as this orange Pashli and cherry red lips from YSL Rouge Volupté. Favorite item du jour? These velvety cut-out heels from Elie Tahari 🙂

What’s your favorite neutral ensemble for Fall? Please comment and let me know! Happy pairing!

Xo~ Lena


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Top: Alexander Wang// Jeans: Paige// Jacket: Hinge// Shoes: Elie Tahari// Bag: Phillip Lim// Bracelets: Urban Outfitters// Shades: Prada

Photos: Jason J

Navy Petals


Summer is already better, but the best is autumn. It is mature, reasonable and serious, it glows moderately and not frivolously… It cools down, clears up, makes you reasonable…– Valentin


This past weekend I took advantage of a warm, Autumn day and visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. The scenery and backdrops were astounding! From the ablaze fountain to the vivid landscapes, every moment taken in was a sight for sore eyes. Grey and charcoal were non-existent, mind you  o’ dull colors of winter.


To match the jovial ambience, I chose a navy dress with splashes of floral prints and an orange tribal bracelet to amplify the color schemes. Nonetheless I brought out a POP of color by adding in a yellow bag with chic chain straps; this Rebecca Minkoff bag perfectly fits the theme because the vibrant yellow color along with the tassel details bode well with my summer dress. Throwing on a cashmere knit when the chilly wind breezes in, I was set from AM to PM.


From the flourishing green pastures to the quaint Japanese garden, I’d recommend checking out this remarkable garden if you’re ever in Chicago. The mix-match colors really inspired me to reminisce on my favorite summer color. Yellow jazz, I’ve got you down pat 🙂

Xo~ Lena







Dress: Urban Outfitters// Bag: Rebecca Minkoff// Shoes: Nine West// Shades: Prada// Bracelet: Topshop

Photos: Jason J 

Mix. Match. Repeat.

Flashing back to the fashion trends of 2014 can be like running the gamut from A to Z. Though various interjected scenes have taken us from pretty pastels to avant-garde neoprene and right back to distressed denims of the ’90s, there are certain trailblazing designs that despite taking the fashion world by storm never forge ahead to the next season. Fashion trend this summer, fashion faux paus this fall (cutout leggings you’re on my radar). Yet with all the “one hit wonder” styles that fashion enthusiasts are so gung-ho about these days, is there any hope of breaking out of a wardrobe rut without jumping on the seasonal trend bandwagon?

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The answer is YES, and look no further it may already be sitting in your closet! To transform a monotonous outfit from oomph to ooh-la-la, try mixing prints of different designs and palettes!  Though risky it may be to start, it’s an instant style remake that (once mastered) would add a chic and sophisticated edge to your ensemble. Scared to take the infinite leap? Well follow these 3 simple guidelines to mixing patterns and you’ll be on your way to becoming a “mix ‘n match” design buff in no time!

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1. Same color. Different patternsmake sure one color repeats itself from top to bottom. Take floral crop top with striped midi skirt for instance. Say the dominant design on your top is red roses, then choose maroon stripes for your bottom. The deep red will complement each other rather than clash like the clan of titans.

2. Big pattern. Small patternthere should always be a standout piece. Take the above outfit. Your top is lavished with big petals, then your skirt should resonate with thin, small stripes. You don’t want your outfit to scream BUSY from head-to-toe, so choose your battles and pick one pattern to fight for.

3. Black and White – a foolproof way to mix prints without playing the wild card? Mix two different black and white prints. Black and white polka dots bode well with with black and white stripes or gingham. Given the dual color scheme exudes a neutral flair, it can be a great backdrop for other loud patterns, or yet simply its own kind.

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In my outfit today I gave it a taste of my own medicate by integrating all 3 guidelines and pairing a black and white baroque print top with a striped skirt. The color base was black, so I made sure it was omnipresent from top to bottom. I also gave the tri-colored skirt the limelight by ensuring the ornate patterns of my top was minimal and subdued. Lastly the black and white color combo was the focal point of my outfit (with a smidge of navy to keep it à la mode).

Ready to master the art of mixing prints and take your outfit on a bold, adventurous ride? Open the doors of your closet and start digging! Mix ‘n match ‘n have fun pairing!

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Xoxo~ Lena

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Top: Forever 21// Skirt: Zara// Boots: Vince Camuto// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Glasses: Prada// Accessory: Urban Outfitters

Credits: Jason J Photography