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There’s rarely any subtlety in haute couture fashion. Replete with cult following staples or nouveau fabrics like that of Chanel’s bouclé crop jacket or Burberry’s tartan patterned trench, the capsule collection that these powerhouse designers create are as enticing to touch as it is to look at.

Which explains why every year Fashion Week fosters namesake designs in honor of the creator and his/her legacy — ones that are as perennially stylish as they are skillfully made. 

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And when it comes to the eponymous line of a luxury British fashion house, there’s no shortage of style nor craftsmanship. Especially one whose Haymarket pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. And so was my delight this weekend when I came across this cotton gabardine trench coat from no other than Burberry Prosurm. 

With its high notched collar, epaulettes, and patent sleeves, there’s something very exquisite about giving a slick modern update to a classic piece. To be in tandem with the monochrome hues I kept my pairings minimum with leather mules, black skinnies, embossed leather shoulder bag, and gold-toned jewelries (with specks of green to go with the jacket’s color palette).  

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Not sure what classic staples to have in your capsule wardrobe? Well here’s 3 of my must-haves for Fall!

1.) WELL-TAILORED JACKET: much like this Burberry trench that exudes both masculine edge and feminine flair, a classy, form-fitting, sartorially unique jacket would give your 9-5 attire a fashion forward “au courant” look. Plus, cinching at the waist with a belt will give you a fitted silhouette!

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2.) LEATHER MULES: pedi options aside, backless open-toe kinds are my favorite. And why so you ask? Versatile and chic in form, timeless and classy by nature. So demystify the art of outfit pairings with these bad boys and you’ll soon notice how well they look with just about everything — mini skirts, midi skirts, black skinnies, even distressed denims rolled up at the hem!

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3.) ROOMY TOTE: Perfect for work or the post TGIF-ers, a large tote would be enough to hold all your essentials in style. I truly believe a well-crafted leather tote is not a fashion whim but a worthy investment that’ll keep its value (and shape) over time. Also it’s a great way to jazz up your look sans statement jewelries!

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So what are your Fall must-haves that are as versatile as they are stylish? A drool-worthy pair of designer booties perhaps? 🙂 Xo~ Lena


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Trench: Burberry Prosurm// Top: Express// Pants: Paige// Mules: Via Spiga// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Accessories: Forever 21// Watch: Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J Photography

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Bittersweet Wonders

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Chicago in all its enrapturing sights and glory is a sprawling city with so many things to do. Bonafide comedy shows at Second City. Lush promenade walks along Michigan Avenue. Shopping mecca for those deep pocket spenders along Magnificent Mile. As devoted and mesmerized I am with the Beaux-Arts architecture, Praire Style industrial feats, and Euro-centric culinary delights the city has to offer, there are days when I just want to take a breather from all the movements, the noise, the smoldering sights and seek solace in a peaceful place.

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Do you ever want to freeze a moment and lavish in the stillness of time? That the daily iteration of errands to do, goals to meet, and tasks to accomplish have you looking for the “pause” button? As if being swept away on my feet by the illusory painted glory of the Windy City, I decided it was time to set both feet on the ground and travel to somewhere new. To breathe, to clear my head, to start with a clean slate. So off to the Crossroads of America I go. Bye bye Chicago, hello Mishawaka!

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Nicknamed the “the Princess City” of Indiana (strange enough there were no tiaras in sight), the neighborhood we stayed at on Bittersweet and Jefferson had a community spirit and “hometown” feel. Everything from the old-fashioned record player to the s’mores-friendly fire pit was quaint and endearing, not to mention the curated selection of quilted patchwork blankets provided for our stay. As if the cabin itself wasn’t alluring enough, we were blessed with the nature-infused visuals from the backyard. Pristine waterfront. Leafy greens in vibrant Autumn hues. The more I gazed into the clear horizon and took in the ethereal beauty of Mother Nature, the more the hovering cloud above my head began to dissipate.

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To keep my look simple and refined without compromising style and comfort, I wore a lengthy textured sweater over opaque tights. And because we spent a big chunk of our time strolling through the woods, I chose sole support and traction by taking these wedge sneakers out for a spin. The outerwear contenders were fleece jacket or navy coat with wool lapels, so evidently I went with the latter for its chic and edgy flair.

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Trick of the trade with pairing – strut layer upon layer by wearing a long jumper underneath a fitted coat. The peekaboo effect would not only give your outfit that fashionable nod of approval, but also ideal for girls with pear-shaped bodies that want to downplay certain areas (as the dual-layered effect takes the eye away from the hips). Not to mention so on-trend and sartorially astute! To complete this look I wore this tribal necklace to keep dullness at bay. Who likes a monotonous outfit from head to toe without a fun pop of color like this cherry red?

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They say that Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. And at peace was I after this mini getaway — refreshed, re-livened, and ready to take on the coils and fans of the bustling city again! Like the beauty we see around us, it was priceless 🙂

Xo~ Lena


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Top: BCBG Generation// Tights: Forever 21// Jacket: TopShop// Shoes: Puma// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Necklace: Boutique in Bangkok// Shades: Prada

Photos: Jason J Photography

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