Black, White and Daring

Black dots on a white canvas. White stripes on a black panel. Pair a minimal white top with sleek black jeans for casual Sunday wear, or amp up an all black ensemble with a lapel-laden white blazer to channel that Mad Men-era look. lz (74 of 113) Granted when it comes to a classic black and white ensemble, the sky’s the limit to the multitude of color, decor and styling that comes to mind. To take an outfit up a notch, adding a graphic design would take basic black and white from understated to statement-making, as such monochromatic trend creates a backdrop for more creative pieces like typography and animal prints. lz (49 of 113) lz (59 of 113) In my outfit today I wanted to emulate a tribal chic and boho vibe by infusing a white mesh top with a skulking tiger. I love the intricate designs on this Zara top due to various textured and hollowed out effects on the feline print, nonetheless adding a punk-rock nonchalance to the ensemble. To stay consistent with the black & white color scheme, I added an indigenous shawl cardigan to give the outfit a bold edge yet still remain within the realm of two hues. To wrap up this trendy combination, I paired the top with distressed denim shorts, a pair of wedge sneakers, and a mandarin-colored pouch for a POP of color. These Puma kicks are ideal for prolonged walking, not to mention adding a few more inches to your stature. Long gone are the days when walking in platform heels poses an immovable (yet fashionably on cue) dilemma 🙂 lz (96 of 113)So next time a monotonous white and bold black attire seems too tame, try adding a graphic edge to the get-up. Ferocious animals, check. Floral prints, check. Slapsticks, check. Who says humor doesn’t bode well with fashion? My friend, that’s what designer brand parodies like Ballin’ in Balmain and Féline in Céline are for! 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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Top: Zara// Shorts: H&M// Glasses: Miu Miu// Shoes: Puma// Clutch: Tory Burch Credits: Jason J Photography