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When it comes to fashion favorites for the hip and stylish, the trending factor isn’t the only thing that warrants purchase. Granted if you ask a sartorially savvy person some of the best items to work into a capsule wardrobe, one that contains staple items that never go out of style, the answer would probably take into account the following questions.

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Is it partial to pairing with a plain white T as it is with a printed sheath? Is it unabating in couture and caliber with both modern flair and old-school charm? Replete with bicoastal sensibilities adorned by sleek avant garb-clad New Yorkers and the golden damsels of LA?

In essence a few nouveau pieces fit the bill  — a striped T, black skinnies, ankle boots, and of course, the classic denim jacket.

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What I love about the cult favorite denim look is how light and comfortable it is without compromising the “cool factor”. Whether thrown on over a short-sleeve shirt, perched atop the shoulder, or wrapped around the waist, there is no shortage of street-style cred with its crisp coloring and nonchalant edge.

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So was my choice today when I wore this crop denim jacket while trolling through Streeterville. Everything from workwear detailing to traditional fit to pale undertones make it spiffy and fun (not to mention keeping my semi-brittle bones intact).

To play up this street style look, I wore it over a navy striped shirt (oh the feline fun) and kept the bottom in the same color family with a blue/black/white mini. And because the color was erring towards monochrome, I added a purple clutch for that au courant pop of color!

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Ah the joy of Fall — pumpkin latte slurping, layer upon layer strutting, and fun mix/match pairing!

Xo~ Lena


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Top: Zara// Skirt: Zara// Jacket: Lucky// Shoes: Vince Camuto// Bag: Urban Expressions// Bracelet: J. Crew// Necklace + Ring: Forever 21// Watch: Marc Jacobs// Shades: Urban Outfitters

Photos: Jason J Photography

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True Colors

lena1 (63 of 66)When it comes to unrestrained gratification in the fashion industry, there’s always an affinity for exquisite materials that exude an upper echelon flair. From chiffon and charmeuse in Spring to cashmere and shearling in Winter, refined fabrics run the gamut every season as style mavens look for crème de la crème textures and designs that lavishly bring out their “true colors”.

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And what’s more enticing than nature-inspired artwork expressed through fabrics and designs! I truly believe that the fusion of fashion and art creates exquisite designs relative to the inherent beauty we see around us (such as this color-blocking neoprene dress with its avant-garde wavelength patterns).

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So was my choice for today’s outfits — these exquisite silk chiffon tops from Joanna Alot Design. With its high-quality silk and hand-painted craftsmanship, each top that artist Joanna Alot Ciecholewski creates is artistically unique and wearable! Influenced by the Milanowek fabrics known for their silk manufacturing and designs since the 19th century, Joanna’s artisanal creations are inspired from visuals captured by her eyes. Nature-infused images, enigmatic cultures, and journeys abroad (enrapturing French bordeaux valley and medieval cities to list a few).

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And what a sight for sore eyes! The Obsession Red Top I have on, with its rich blend of colors across a broad spectrum, is synonymous to a watercolor painting. Vibrant, invigorating, and smoldered in fiery obsession. The Ginkgo Chiffon Top, quite the contrary, is derived from the Ginkgo leaves and exudes this subtle reminiscence of the early stages of Fall. Calm, intriguing, and visually-clad in silvery metallic finish. To let their true color shine through, I kept the the pairings minimal with black add-ons: fitted jeans, open-toe mules, and a shoulder bag with woven handles.

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As Oscar Wilde once said, “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”. Indeed an artwork that so seamlessly blends in colors while eliciting and embodying a mood, a visual, a story, is granted pure magic.

And who said fashion designers, with their knack for painting exquisite prints and patterns on canvas we call human form, can’t create the same visual sparks that get the heart racing, as if being swept away in the arms of one’s true love? 🙂 Xo ~ Lena


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In collaboration with Joanna Alot Design; thoughts and opinions are my own.

Top: Joanna Alot Design// Skirt: Express// Heels: Prabal Gurung for Target// Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs// Accessories: Forever 21 & Topshop

Fashions Fade. Style Is Eternal

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As Fall kicks into full swing and our favorite digital sources are filled with unparalleled riffs on new seasonal trends, we can’t help but notice a spawning list of interesting items that the fashion flock saunters to. Seasonally trendy or perennially chic, the list entails nothing short of highly coveted items that each exude a unique flair.

Case in point — wool velour overcoat for luxurious comfort; cashmere palazzo pants for cascading lengths and effortless edge; and guipure lace number for ultra-feminine poise.

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As besotted as I may be gushing over new trends for their high time novelty (pictorials my Instagram feed never fails to deliver of style mavens along SoHo’s charming sett-paved streets or the luxurious avenue de Champs Élysées), they somehow never ladder up to cult following status in my style scrapbook. Yes, as avant-garde and chic seasonal trends may be, I often find myself retreating back to classic staples for their gratifying sense of purpose and practice. Versatile for seasons to come. Pair-able with wardrobe staples. One that we can keep in heavy rotation without wallowing in unrestrained luxury (or tapering bank accounts for that matter).

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Amongst a vast array of trendy styles that steer towards “smoldering on sparing terms”, there are certain pieces that granted any sartorially astute person can foster and flaunter without worrying of becoming a one hit wonder. My favorite item for Fall? A light-colored coat with minimally fuzzy finish, fitting as paired with a lightweight sweater or a textured top. If posh shearling or alpaca wool blank coat doesn’t tickle your fancy, then opt for a stylish beige or camel coat that will have you stepping out looking nothing short of flawless.

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In my outfit today I kept the cool shivers under tab with this Camel Pea Coat from Lookbook Store that’s quickly become one of my favorites. The defining moments that make this jacket special are these crop sleeves (shirts with embellished arm details rejoice!) and boxy fit (ideal for strutting that layered effect). Given fashion is at its best when form and function bond themselves in matrimony, I wore it over this mesh petal engrained 3D Rose Top – White from the Lookbook Store and absolutely loved how effortlessly chic and comfy it is. Not to mention the style is slightly cropped so ideal for pairing with high-waisted jeans or midi skirts!

My favorite part of this ensemble? Kicking it up a feline notch with a red leopard print skirt and flirty open toe booties!

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So take to heart Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous line that ‘fashions fade, style is eternal.’ Play up new trends. Work in staples. Make it gratifyingly your own! That’s the beauty of being a fashion tastemaker for party of one 🙂

Xo~ Lena


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In collaboration with Lookbook Store; thoughts and opinions are my own.

Top: Lookbook// Skirt: Vince Camuto// Jacket: Lookbook// Shoes: Via Spiga// Clutch: Louis Vuitton// Ring: Lincoln Park Fair ’13// Bangles: Forever 21

Photos: Jason J Photography

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Camel Pea Coat - Boxy Fit Pea Coat3D Rose White Top - Adorable Pullover Neckline Top