Sundae Funday! (West Loop)

Sunday morning. The day I wake up to a fresh start filled with infinite ideas and possibilities! The day my mind isn’t wrapped up in checking off chores and meeting deadlines but rather musing over jovial activities to engage in. Opening up the finely-stacked blinds and letting the copious light seep through, I smile at the myriad of visually-stimulating events before me — the vibrant color schemes of budding roses amid a patch of forest greens; the bustling noise of travelers pursuing after their destinations by foot or car; the happy sight of families strolling through the neighborhood park. Not to mention the annual Taste of Randolph food fest this past weekend in West Loop, where prominent restaurants west of Halsted Street stage multiple food carts filled with veal chops, Korean BBQs, gourmet tacos, and freshly-made margaritas (got a sombrero as a souvenir? Lucky you!)

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Though the aromatic smell of readily-cooked barbeque and free-range turkey burgers sure livens up any taste bud, I wanted to enjoy a quiet and soulful afternoon with yours truly, which nonchalantly my feet brought me to the West Loop Dog Park (or historically the Mary Bartleme Park; but without a doubt those fluffy canines sure brought some jazz to its original name). Though only encompassing 10 acres of land, the park not only holds a double-fenced playground for the 4-legged pooches (with artificial canine grass to provide for exercise and potty areas), but also a kid’s playground filled with slides, chain bridges, and tire swings mixed with obelisks and pyramid-infused structures.


In my outfit today I wanted to bring out the blossoming livelihood of my natural surroundings in a myriad of colors like midnight blue, fuchsia pink, and mint green. Because the splash of colors scattered across this body-hugging nylon skirt are exorbitantly diverse, I paired it with a silk top that picks up one of the colors in its cosmos — flaming pink . Because my outfit was a “wild card”, meaning it weaves together a variety of tones and colorations (which coincidentally bode well with one another), I completed the look with a pair of nude sandals and minimal accessories — cat-eyes if you may 🙂


Walking by the hip foodie restaurants, where the locals coined the term “Restaurant Row” (due to a slew of new eateries backed by iconic chefs like Stephanie Izard and Grant Achatz), I came to a mom and pop ice-cream shop with an Irish flair. Upon arrival at Cone (go figure), I was immediately drawn to the Irish Breakfast Sundae (which according to their website is served with Irish Breakfast and Maple Bacon topped with hot fudge and corn flakes (in my dictionary that means “decadence at its best”). As I walked out to the porch to take in that ample supply of Vitamin D before the storm hails in, I noticed that the wooden tables had chalks scattered across the surface. I picked a pink one and began tracing the drawings before me…1 dinosaur, 2 cats, 3 butterflies…where eventually I drew my own sketches. A multitude of hearts embedded in the wooden frames of my canvas. It vividly represents my mood and state of mind at that moment before I leave to beat the rain. I was happy. I sensed calmness. And most importantly, I felt loved 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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Top – Zara, Skirt – Topshop, Sandals – Calvin Klein, Sunglasses – Prada, Pouch – Forever 21

Credits: Jason J Photography