Make Me Blush and Style Me Pink

Dusty Rose and Blush Pink are amongst some of the most coveted pastels this summer. Whether used  as canvas for floral prints or crafted as a neoprene skirt, the color is infinitely versatile in its function and pairs well with a myriad of designs! Some of my favorite summer-infused outfits using this color would be a black crop top with a pastel pink midi skirt, or a blushing leopard print shirt with a maxi skirt.

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Though I’m currently on the hunt for the former frock (lucid lace midi skirt to be exact – thoughts anyone?) I was able to pick up a boxy pink top with oval black prints from H&M that evokes a vanguard edge to the “oh-so-light-and-pretty” pink. This color pairing is a great alternative for those that prefer darker toned outfits (slimming effect holds true, or maybe just the thought of blushing pink reminds you of a flimsy prom dress in 1989). Also given the fairy dust pink has a run-of-the-mill flair, it would be a neutral piece that can even be paired with wild cards like jacquard weave textures or baroque prints! Given my outfit today steered towards monochromatic black and pink, I decided to lighten up the visuals with a neon yellow necklace and a pair of cat-eye glasses.

Fear that making a grandeur entrance with fuschia and bubblegum pink would a cause a “boom” rather than a “bang”? Then blushing pink is your perfect go-to option for that head-turning moment -add a tad of girly flair to a summery pastel hue 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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Top: H&M// Skirt: Ann Taylor// Shoes: Kenneth Cole// Bag: Louis Vuitton Artsy// Glasses: Miu Miu// Necklace: Forever 21

Credits: Jason J Photography