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There’s rarely any subtlety in haute couture fashion. Replete with cult following staples or nouveau fabrics like that of Chanel’s bouclé crop jacket or Burberry’s tartan patterned trench, the capsule collection that these powerhouse designers create are as enticing to touch as it is to look at.

Which explains why every year Fashion Week fosters namesake designs in honor of the creator and his/her legacy — ones that are as perennially stylish as they are skillfully made. 

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And when it comes to the eponymous line of a luxury British fashion house, there’s no shortage of style nor craftsmanship. Especially one whose Haymarket pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. And so was my delight this weekend when I came across this cotton gabardine trench coat from no other than Burberry Prosurm. 

With its high notched collar, epaulettes, and patent sleeves, there’s something very exquisite about giving a slick modern update to a classic piece. To be in tandem with the monochrome hues I kept my pairings minimum with leather mules, black skinnies, embossed leather shoulder bag, and gold-toned jewelries (with specks of green to go with the jacket’s color palette).  

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Not sure what classic staples to have in your capsule wardrobe? Well here’s 3 of my must-haves for Fall!

1.) WELL-TAILORED JACKET: much like this Burberry trench that exudes both masculine edge and feminine flair, a classy, form-fitting, sartorially unique jacket would give your 9-5 attire a fashion forward “au courant” look. Plus, cinching at the waist with a belt will give you a fitted silhouette!

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2.) LEATHER MULES: pedi options aside, backless open-toe kinds are my favorite. And why so you ask? Versatile and chic in form, timeless and classy by nature. So demystify the art of outfit pairings with these bad boys and you’ll soon notice how well they look with just about everything — mini skirts, midi skirts, black skinnies, even distressed denims rolled up at the hem!

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3.) ROOMY TOTE: Perfect for work or the post TGIF-ers, a large tote would be enough to hold all your essentials in style. I truly believe a well-crafted leather tote is not a fashion whim but a worthy investment that’ll keep its value (and shape) over time. Also it’s a great way to jazz up your look sans statement jewelries!

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So what are your Fall must-haves that are as versatile as they are stylish? A drool-worthy pair of designer booties perhaps? 🙂 Xo~ Lena


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Trench: Burberry Prosurm// Top: Express// Pants: Paige// Mules: Via Spiga// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Accessories: Forever 21// Watch: Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J Photography

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81 thoughts on “Keep It Classy

    • Happy Monday Maria! And thanks for your lovely comment. As always, you have the kindest words to say! It sure is getting cooler here and I’m glad there’s a little bit of time to work in a trench coat before doling out the puffers and down jackets! Hope you have a fantastic start of your week! xo

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    • Thank you Ellar Wise for the suggestion I’ll be sure to check it out! And yes just a little bit of time left before it’ll be too cold for these mules. Ah glad there’s still a month or two until Winter hits! 🙂


    • Thanks Kathrine!! I used to love ankle boots for Fall but given the open-toe mule trend going on right now it’s impossible to not try it out. And voila it’s so chic and versatile!! Have a great start to your week dear!


    • Awww thank you Lauren your words are absolutely endearing! Yes it’s my new find and I’m in LOVE with the color, the fit, the material, everything! And any belted trench really is a wardrobe staple and easily pairable with so many pieces! Glad you liked it dear, hope you have a great start to your week! xoxo~

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chels, yes it’s a perfect go-to trench for Fall! I love how a belted version gives a clean fitted silhouette and how easy it is paired with slacks, jeans, skirts, you name it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting dear, may you have a fabulous Monday! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Janet and Josie, that’s very sweet of you! Yes these are my go-to pieces for Fall, do you both have wardrobe staples that are in heavy rotation during this time of the year? Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, have a great one! xo~


      • Hey Lena, I know for me (Janet) I love my basic trench coat and open toe booties. I fear the winter we will get here in MN so I have been wearing low boots and open toe shoes as often as I can before the snow comes


  1. That coat is gorgeous! I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so perfect haha. I really love the coated texture of the sleeves and the green color is stunning! I don’t think I’ve really seen a trench in that color before. Such a standout piece and best combination of classic and modern with an edgy twist. For fall must haves, I’m still looking for and saving up for a designer bag. I’ve had my eyes on the Prada saffiano double zip tote & a colorblock Phillip Lim pashli for a while now (I really adore yours btw!)


    • Hi Julie! Yes I know what you mean I’ve put this trench in heavy rotation knowing it’ll only be a month or two away until the puffer coats and down jackets come out! Hopefully it won’t get too cold at your neck of the woods (granted I’ve been through both and I have to say it’s not as bad as Chicago!) Take care!!


  2. That last picture of you is gorgeous Lena! Great post, so nice to see your fall essentials 🙂 I’m totally in love with your Burberry trench, specially because it’s not the typical Burberry piece and because it includes in a very special way leather. I’ve always thought to myself how hard it was to include leather on an outfit, so this is the perfect way to do it! 😍


    • Oh yes the patent sleeves add a fun twist to a classic piece! And it’s great to know it’ll keep me warm for now before the puffer coats and down jacket season kicks in! I’m glad you liked the post Pipsyl, and thanks again for your lovely comment dear! Have a great one! xo~


    • Hi Serene hope you’re having a great Monday! I agree it really stands out with unique detailing like the dual textures and eye-catching buttons! And ever since I jumped on the mule bandwagon I can’t seem to take these bad boys off! I saw your new post and I really love the fedora on you~ it’s a great look dear! xo~

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    • Thanks J. Frost! I agree the trench is amazing and it’s just a great way to ward off the chills without layering on a hefty coat (we’ll save that for later). Hope you can find one of your liking dear!! xo~


    • Hi Vivian! Thanks for dropping by and commenting, I’m very glad you enjoyed the post! And thanks for following me dear, will be sure to check out what’s new on your little corner 🙂 Have a great one! 🙂


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