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Either you’re in New York or halfway across the globe in Paris, it’s no secret that during Fashion Week the swanning cobbled streets outside the main panoplies are usually filled with models, bloggers and editors donned in the season’s trendiest pieces. A mishmash array of bold colors and jazzy prints framed in unrestrained luxury? No doubt. A style-setting pictorial display of “who wore what and how” that millions of social media savvy girls follow suit? Totally.

New York Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2015  

So here’s the roundup. While New York brought us the utilitarian Alexander Wang-clad MOD look, London introduced us to normcore (which was coined by a trend forecasting group to resonate with the laid-back chill vibe). Milan, as heavily influenced by steamroller designers like D&G and Valentino, bestowed upon us the ethereal Victorian goddess semblance. And Paris, the enigmatic la Ville-Lumière, shed its light on the perennially chic look of head-to-toe noir.

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With Fashion Week on a respite as a spawning list of leggy models and socialites prepare for the Tokyo show commencing October 13, we can take a breath to absorb in all the novel trends we’ve seen so far on our Bloglovin feed. As we rewind the sensory overload reel that Fashion Week showed us on the runway screen, there’s a well-curated selection of avant-garde trends to emulate. Guipure lace, jacquard patterns, jersey-paneled dresses, and sleeveless capes. The list goes on.


Of all the spiffy coils and fans on the runway, my favorite style for Fall is the cozy sweater + midi skirt look. And not just any pairing really. But a tonal shrug towards a neutral ensemble that plays up different fabrics and texture. One that emphasizes on the classic streamlined look with a zest of edge.

For those that have relished with me in my fashion-centric musings for some time now, you know that I have an affinity for black shoes. What to pair with head-to-toe black ensemble? Black cut-out pumps. An off-kilter neoprene dress? Black lace stilettos. You get my drift.V1 (2 of 49)

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So to emulate this Parisienne style right off the bat from Carrousel du Louvre, I went with a black & white outfit where I paired my duo-toned crop sweater with a lace midi skirt. I love the sheer lace detail where you see the star patterns transpire the further south you go, leaving much to the proverbial line of “leaving some to the imagination”. To add an extra pep to the outfit, I went with these black suede wedges (classic Lena) with an oscillating pattern that makes the outfit fun while keeping the color scheme in check (find HERE). A duffel bag in neutral shades of brown and black kept all my knick knacks in place.

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Who said monotonous black and white is boring? Take it from the Parisian ladies walking down the avenues donned in timeless and trendy pieces in ways that appear effortless. Keep the color neutral. Play up the texture. That’s the “sais” de “je ne sais quoi”, ma chérie 🙂

Xo~ Lena


h1 (57 of 63)V1 (20 of 49)h1 (10 of 63)h1 (35 of 63)h1 (36 of 63)Sweater: H&M// Skirt: Free People// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Accessories: Forever 21 + Urban Outfitters

Photos: Jason J Photography

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68 thoughts on “Bold Essentials

  1. Ahh that skirt looks so feminine and dreamy! And you’re right – black and white is never boring! Love the way you also described each fashion week so spot-on in a beautiful way 🙂 It felt like I was reading Vogue for a sec!


    • Hi Naeun that’s so sweet of you that really made my morning! 🙂 It’s quite interesting as I didn’t expect such a feminine piece from Free People which based on my previous finding geared towards oversized sweaters and shawls. But I suppose there’s the wild card in every brand! And thanks for your compliment on my thoughts about Fashion Week. The model-off-duty look has so many awesome takes that vary in location and it’s so mesmerizing to see the coveted styles emulated off the runway! Have a wonderful day Naeun!! 🙂


  2. Loving your skirt and shoes! Do you have any tips for wearing comfy sweaters ? I have to wear tight stuff in waist area but i’d love to be able to rock this like you do ❤


    • Hi Maria! Thanks for dropping by! You know I’m an avid fan of comfy sweaters and I think there’s a great trend going on right now where, depending on the weather, you can pair a bellowy knit with distressed denim shorts or dark skinnies (faux or real leather would be ideal!) And how about adding a pair of dark wedges with cut-out details like this one? Also ankle boots in seasonal colors like bordeax and olive green would be great too! I look forward to your OOTD Maria! 🙂


  3. Those are the most adorable shoes and I love how the totally feminine texture of the lace on the skirt both contrasts against and compliments the texture of the sweater. Lovely and chick. Perfect. I can definitely see it with the black tights and ankle boots for winter. 🙂


    • What a spot-on comment yes I totally agree with you Elizabeth! The cool androgynous vibe the sweater emulates help tone down the feminine texture of the lace skirt. And that’s a really great idea I’ll have to try the black tights and ankle boots look for colder weather. Thanks for the suggestion!! Have a wonderful rest of your day Elizabeth 🙂


    • Hi Marianne nice to see you drop by! Your kind words are highly appreciated and taken to heart so thank you for that! Yes I’m very fond of the midi trend going on now given how versatile it is in texture (lace, leather, cotton, etc) and pairable it is with wardrobe staples like chunky sweater or peter pan collared shirts. In your case I would suggest the best ways to pull off this look is 1.) wear them high-waisted to elongate the legs, 2.) the midi skirt should hit mid shin where your leg begins to thin out and 3.) pair it with neutral platforms like boots that hit right at the ankle to cut-out wedges like this one. Does that help? Also I notice for reasonably priced midis H&M and Zara have a great selection! 🙂


    • Hi Alice how’s it going! Thanks very stopping by with your lovely comment 🙂 I’m glad you liked my ensemble and that you find my writing enjoyable. I love your style girl and think that we have similar taste. Will be sure to check out more of you OOTDs to come! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks perfect! I’m still searching for the perfect midi skirt, after buy several mini and long skirts. Midi looks perfect when paired with a good statement sweater! 🙂 I love the colors of your outfit, once again! (By the way, you have a huge sensibility and perfect taste when it comes to choosing an outfit palette Lena!)
    Beautiful look, and great post 🙂


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  6. Your shoes are amazing – such an effortless look!! You should definitely do more fashion roundup posts 😉 Also, going to keep your sweater + midi skirt advice in mind!! Although the weather in my country is TERRIBLE for sweaters, but hey, fashion baby. Amirite? xD


    • Hi Cheryl!! That’s very sweet of you dear 🙂 yes midis are very versatile and I love the whole crop top + midi look which would be great for warmer weather 🙂 thank you dear I definitely will do more fashion roundup posts to come so thanks for the encouragement!! 🙂


  7. Excuse me Mss… Your outfit is simply to die for…Never would I ever dare to wear any sweaters with skirts, you pull it off very well….. Thanks for the inspiration👠. -calityfashion


    • Thanks Alexandra! I’m glad you were inspired by this outfit 🙂 you know I thought the same when I saw models wear it during fashion week but it’s actually really easy to put together! I go with the rule of thumb that as long as the top is boxy and the bottom is well-fitted then it’s good to go! Thanks for stopping by have a great one!!


    • Thanks that’s really sweet of you! I feel like these peekaboo stilettos or wedge heels are so popular this season especially paired with midi skirts! Well thanks for dropping by have a wonderful weekend ahead! 🙂


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