Midi Is My Hobby

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Maxi skirts long have had their heyday when floor-grazing patterned sheaths dominated the runway, from a Valentino macramé lace number to a Cavalli beaded ruffled dress with glamorous boho movement. And mini trends were just as prevalent during the fashion week extravaganza, turning the summer staple to a showgoer uniform worn with striped orange jumpers and coveted heels.

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Then there’s the midi skirt trend that graced the street style playground in various shapes and form. Full, pleated, patterned, lace. A style so versatile that it’s evolved for the sole purpose of style and practice with a hint of Parisienne chic. Stumped on how to integrate a style favored by leggy models into your ensembles? Sky-high heels aside, here are two of my favorite midi styles for work and play (happy hour salute!)

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1.) Patterned: whether floral, baroque or jacquard lace, a printed midi will flatter your silhouette. Teamed with crop tops and dainty heels, the outfit is great for a cocktail party or an evening soirée. A friendly reminder — to emphasize a feature, choose large prints; to downplay one, go for smaller prints.

2.) Pencil Cut: a great office staple, it’s a surefire way to take your 9-5 wardrobe up a notch. Choose a high-waisted version and tuck in your crop top (belts optional) and add on bold accessories like chic eyewear and bejeweled necklaces.

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In my outfit today I played up the 2 iconic styles with this midi skirt from Milly by saturating my ensemble with bright colors. Because the effervescent floral number held the spotlight, I paired it with a black crop top and kitten heels. Sensory overload. Under tab. Want to add extra pep to your look?  Make sure your accessories pick up a color on your skirt, like the demure orange earrings that matched the coral hue on my dress.

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Whether you want to pull off this season’s ladylike trends with a pleated midi, or add an offbeat edge with a leather skirt, there’s an option for everyone. What’s your favorite midi style of the moment?

Xo~ Lena


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Top: H&M// Skirt: Milly// Shoes: 14th Union// Bag: Zara// Shades: Prada// Choker: Forever 21

Photos: Jason J

78 thoughts on “Midi Is My Hobby

  1. I love your skirt! Really nice colours and I like the oriental style! I always used to think that a skinny frame was required for pencil skirts but I’ve been wearing them all the time here to work in Italy and I love them 🙂


    • Thanks Kathy! Yes it’s a great style that can be played up or down depending on the occasion! Which midi look do you like best? And of course being where you are the local people love their embellished designs and prints!


    • Thanks Kristin, yes it’s a great necklace that adds a glam-rock edge to an ensemble! I’ve been looking for one with the spear on the end but still haven’t found one yet. And yes, the top is so easily pairable with skirts and jeans!


    • Thanks Nicola!! Yes it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. It took me a while to figure out the pattern but nonetheless it’s a true standout piece. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, have a fantastic day!


    • Thanks Maria! Yes the vibrant hues drew me to it in the first place. I love how it can be paired with so many colors (just pick one from the print and it’s good to go!) Thanks for stopping by Maria, I really enjoy reading your product reviews 🙂


    • Thanks Naeun! Yes the print is lovely and unique, and I’m amazed at how pairable it is with dark and vibrant hues given how many colors it embodies! Anyhow, haven’t seen you in a while, glad you’re back! Hope uni is treating you well! 🙂


      • Hi Lena! Yes that’s true, it would go well with so many different colours! Yes, I’ve been so swamped with uni lol but I’ll be on more often 🙂


    • Thanks girl that’s very sweet of you! Yes I didn’t want to take any attention away from the colorful dress so went with a classic crop top in black. I would think this print would be great in a long flowy maxi! 🙂


  2. Hi Lena! LOVE this skirt! I saw it in a magazine and I featured it in one of my polyvore fashion sets. I just thought it was so unique with the mix of orange and turquoise colors. It looks amazing on you! It’s funny that you spoke about midi skirts; In fact, Piperlime is having a 20% promotion on select items right now and I ordered a pink lace midi skirt. I have never owned one, but am excited to create some lady-like looks for the blog. Thanks for sharing! ~ Lauren http://www.ginnysclosetblog.com


    • Dear you are just a doll! I always blush when I see your comments because you are always so sweet and encouraging! Yes this Milly skirt is absolutely stunning; I love how the designer is able to integrate vibrant hues to make it look cohesive, ethereal and ravishing! I’ll have to check Piperlime out for their sale! Will you be featuring the pink lace midi skirt in an OOTD post once you get it in the mail? I would love to see you in it! 🙂

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