The Fall Sartorialist


Now that Fall is in full swing, there are many seasonal bearings to embrace that were absent in the beach-frollicking season prior. Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks for some, watching leaves falling on the wayside for others.

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For most of us either in school or a 9-5 gig, we’d like to think of Fall as the bold resurgence of mix-match pairing. Sometimes all it takes is a new silhouette, layering technique, or a wardrobe staple to help you bring your oldies back into rotation. So don’t pack up your summer outfits yet, here are some tips on rekindling the old flame:

1.)  In-Vest: Cheesy as this sounds, you can up the fashion ante by investing in a solid vest. Whether it’s wool blend with satin lapels or faux fur with toggles, it gives your ensemble an edged up look.

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2.) Mix prints: Sartorial street style can a visceral instinct for some (or a styling entourage to get it down pat), but it’s not rocket science to master the MOD look. Geometric prints look awesome with plaid flannel, and black and white stripes goes well with bright colors. To avoid being drafted by InStyle as a fashion faux paus, make sure neither prints are too boisterous.

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3.) Accessories: Layered bracelets, chunky necklaces, or tribal earrings. On untamed mane days, give your confection a makeover with a wide-brimmed fedora.

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So create an exciting new look with the layering effect without forking out the greenbacks for a new wardrobe. Mix and match your wardrobe staples, and have fun styling the model YOU!

Xo~ Lena


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Top: Urban Outfitters// Vest: H&M// Jeans: Hudson// Shoes: Vince Camuto// Fedora: H&M// Bag: TopShop// Bracelet: Forever 21 + J Crew// Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photos: Jason J


56 thoughts on “The Fall Sartorialist

  1. lena! i love everything about this look from head to toe! that hat and those boots go so well together 🙂 and that location is breathtaking 🙂 have a great week lena! xx


  2. Hi Lena:) I adore your outfit! The feathered vest is fabulous. You must have purchased the vest for a great price at H&M! I saw a similar vest today at Bloomingdales selling for over $1000!!! Way too much for me; I like your version better. And those VC boots look almost identical to the Rag & Bone booties! Great finds dear!!! ~Lauren


    • Hi Lauren how’s it going! Yes the vest was a great bargain hunt and I love how soft and well-fitting it is! I love Rag & Bone boots and I have my eyes on the Harrow ones but this pair I got was 1/3rd of the price. Gotta love Nordstroms for their HUGE shoe selection!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love fall fashion because of all the layering it permits! You want to feel comfy in school, and I love having matching layered pieces, there are so many ways to make yourself look thinner! Hahaha 😀 well, you don’t need that, of course, but it’s a big plus for me. Love your bold bag, I’ve been searching for something similar! xx


    • Thanks Maria for your candid comment! Yes on a day to day basis I’m definitely one to favor comfort over glamour (especially with my commute I need solid clothing and flats!) Btw I would love to see an OOTD from you! I really enjoy reading your product reviews and how your pictures truly embody the product. Glad I found you here on WordPress! 🙂


      • I used to to ootd posts too 😀 but the last year I’ve gained a lot and I can’t really look at me in pictures now, I’m too surprised ha ha. Thank you so much, you are so so kind ❤ and your sense of style is amazing, I get so much inspiration from you and I try to adapt it in my own style. You are lovely, xx.


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