A Hint of Potpourri

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Fashion at the rim of each season is like a trendsetting neophyte. Reborn and relived in a vast array of nubby textures, hanky hems and high octane prints. The dawn of spring came sweet quilted pastel numbers and floral prints. The cusp of summer? Soon followed suit with jacquard patterns and elastomeric neoprene sheaths.

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Now that Summer has finally come to a close, we can take a cue from sartorial street style in New York and the bemused editors at Fashion Week to experiment with novel silhouettes and materials. With new season comes new trend-setting confections. What can we anticipate as the “IT” trends for Fall?


Would it err towards edgy asymmetrical leather wraps Olivia Palermo wore during New York Fashion Week, or more curated selection of Parisienne neutral ensembles à la française (with an ample dose of cat eye + red lips). 

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In my outfit today I steered clear from the normcore trend chaperoned down catwalk shows towards a more whimsical look. One that plays up the color-blocking trend much like the Dries Van Noten collection at Paris Fashion Week filled with lavish fabrics and incongruous prints. The key to keeping a mishmash array of colors under tab in a 2-piece outfit? Make sure one color is present in both top and bottom, and that single hue is varied in pattern and texture.

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Here I have my acid wash Rag and Bone button down shirt, which serves as the neutral piece, paired with my silky leaf print shorts de Marc Jacobs. Blue was the collective color that kept the look in-line. Accessories were minimal in gold, and shoes were a simple shade of nude.

Play up the wildcard with a hodgepodge of colors? Why not dear, it’s Friday! Care to be a fashion daredevil today? 🙂

Xo~ Lena


H1 (59 of 59)H1 (1 of 59) v1 (12 of 70) v1 (53 of 70)H1 (42 of 59)v1 (1 of 70)   Top: Rag and Bone// Shorts: Marc Jacobs// Sandals: Aldo// Clutch: Urban Expression// Jewelry: Forever 21 + J Crew// Shades: Prada

Photos: Jason J

56 thoughts on “A Hint of Potpourri

    • Thanks sweetie! I was thinking the same — was going to pair it with dark denims or shorts but then thought why not test it out with other patterns. Turned out well I suppose. Thanks for your lovely comment, I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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  1. I like how you’re not afraid of mixing colors and patterns. Great outfit! We’ve also had some crazy weather in NC where days like today (where I got a sunburn spending 1 hour in the sun) and other days that are cool and rainy. That’s why I love layers!


    • Thanks Nout! Yes I can totally relate with you. We’ve been having that warm then cold weather too and I love playing up the layering effect with scarfs, shawls, and cardis 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂


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  3. Thank you sweetie you are just too kind! You know in my past 3 photo shoots we’ve been having amazing weather (not a drop of rain) but today it’s been drizzling non-stop since the AM! Sigh, as much as I love playing up different textures and layers I’m not ready for the chilly weather. Anyhow, thanks for your sweet comments girl, enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂


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