Blurred Lines

Sunday. Funday. OOTD.

Blurred Lines. Dark sheath. Tribal accessories.


When it comes to styling an LBD (little black dress), the sky and its orbits are the limit. We oftentimes gravitate towards dark-colored outfits because we think that they elicit a slimming and contouring effect. Though I undoubtedly agree with that fashionable idea (the “I lost 5 pound” theory), I also believe that color spectrums of black, navy and grey are great foundations for the layering effect.


Much like an embellished mural yet to be painted, a little black dress is like a blank canvas that’s achromatic and void. With a bit of stippling, blending and a dash of color, one can make it vibrant and fun. Whether it’d be an embellished jewelry to add a bit of jazz to a cocktail dress, or a fitted tribal print blazer to add definition to a maxi gown, there are countless ways to express your individuality by adding on baubles and trinkets that define your unique style.


Along that note I paired a floor-grazing dress with a black and white labyrinth jacket. I adored this number when I saw it at H&M given how these simple colors create such intricate designs. So to complete this Oriental-style outfit, I layered on a tribal necklace that matched the red lining of my jacket and crisscross stilettos that dramatized this jagged effect. Does the bauble look familiar? That’s because the sister pair was featured on my NYC giveaway, by which the lovely Ms. Jacqueline won! Check out her awesome blog Avibrantday which features spectacular beauty hauls and makeup reviews.


Who said that neutrals of black, navy and grey paved the way for fashion doldrums? Look far and trust your instincts…you just might get yourself out of that maze 🙂

Xo~ Lena


feline blurred 10

feline blurred 10


Photos: Jason J

43 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

    • Thanks Annie! Maxi skirts are great for giving that streamlined look; I would suggest wearing platform espadrilles during the summer and chunky ankle boots during the fall/winter. Thanks for dropping by; I hope you have a great day 🙂


  1. I absolutely adore this outfit! I admit, I do love black for it’s slimming features, but also because it’s classic. Audrey Hepburn lover here, which of course means a fan of the little black dress. Love the maxi, love the jacket, and love the necklace. Fantastic combo and taste.


    • Thank you for your kind words! Yes I agree with you I love a nice, clean silhouette and often gravitate towards an LBD for evening wear. But every now and then I love adding patterns and prints to give an ensemble an edgy kick. Thanks for dropping by and have a great one! 🙂

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