Bright Pumps and Concrete Jungles

They say the only thing that stays constant is change. Metamorphosis. Rebirth. Stepping out to new grounds & bidding adieu to what you’ve grappled with that’s no longer existent.

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Very much like seasonal trends popularized by runway shows from Paris to New York, we are perpetually introduced to new, avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of haute couture. Alexander Wang’s silk windbreakers with jacquards of mountain scenes at the hem? Not your average cover-up. Burberry Prorsum’s sheer organdy wrap? A touch of frilly joie de vivre minus an extravagant wedding to go with a designer look.

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Though sporting a $1500 color block check poncho like Cara Delevingne and Olivia Palermo during Fashion Week created a legion of budget-friendly options that followed suit, it was a style that (despite its delicate texture and jacquard-woven design) was fashion-forward for the runway but not befitting for daily wear. For those working in the corporate realm, our choice of clothing oftentimes resonate with a constant scheme — cotton pants, A-line skirts, crisp button down shirts, etc. Checkered prints, maybe. Lambswool and cashmere blend, not quite so. So what are some fashion-cordial items that you can add to your 9 to 5 attires without handing over 4-digit greenbacks?

1.) Printed pants:  Whether it’d be baroque, floral, or any remnant of artistic bearings, printed pants are great paired with monochromatic shirts in your closet. Feeling a bit festive? Then play up a snippet of color blocking with a top that picks up a color on your lower half. Voila, your outfit’s bound to be a conversation-starter at the water fountain!


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2.) Bright pumps: All black and white and no play? Even spreadsheets have filters that allow you to highlight certain cell values pink (or any bright color of your choice). Brighten up your neutral palette with some sole support in cherry, fuchsia, and coral. Burgundy and suede would be a great option for more conservative playgrounds..I mean offices..

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3.) Fitted blazer: Defined shoulders, cinched waist, lean stature. Need I say more? A fitted blazer would add a chic, contemporary edge to floral ensembles and a polish look to a basic T and jeans. Accent with bold accessories like a gold menswear watch and high-heeled leather mules. Take it from the je ne sais quoi quality of French women – less is more, and it’s all about that well-fitted tailored look 🙂

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Xoxo~ Lena 🙂

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Top: Francesca’s// Blazer: H&M// Pants: Francesca’s// Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs// Shades: Prada// Shoes: Ivanka Trump

62 thoughts on “Bright Pumps and Concrete Jungles

  1. Thank you for these tips! After my first year in the corporate world I’m aching to expand my everyday workwear. Your outfit is so refreshing to see. Do you have any shop recommendations for blazers?

    P.s. I love the photography… And that puppy oh my god!!


  2. Absolutely love this look! Its funny, I have the exact same blazer and need to pair it with more colorful garments. After looking at this post, I think I now have a clear idea of what to wear with it. Also you are very descriptive with your blog, which is rare to see. Keep it up! I’ll follow you if you follow me 🙂


  3. Absolutely adore this look!! I would for sure wear it to my nine to five! . I havent ventured into print pants as of yet, especially flowing ones, because of my curviness. But I a printed skinny is what I will be shopping for in my near future 🙂


    • Oh great I hope you find ones that fit you well! Tailored blazers and high heels would elongate any stature, and I usually keep accessories to a minimal level as to not draw too much attention outwards. Good luck finding the right fit! 🙂


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