Rise & Shine to Brighter SKin!


Treating post-puberty acne is a constant warfare for me. Most battles I armor up on a daily basis, like saying bye-bye to coffee and battling caffeine withdrawal, are pretty minuscule and I somehow manage to overcome through the test of time (and multiple packs of gum, mint or fruity if you may). But when it comes to little concave red dots popping up on my face due to inevitable factors like stress, weather change, or days I linger before the feminine care section of Walgreens, I always fast-forward to what gears I would need to clean up the bloody aftermath (yes we are still talking about pimples here). The old sage still holds true that to minimize scarring and blemish, we should:

1.) Treat it with 2% salicylic acid because the ingredient exfoliates skin and dissolves build up which prevents the pores from becoming congested.

2.) Wash and moisturize daily with noncomedogenic moisturizer

3.) Hands off! Though popping pimples would momentarily reduce the hollow appearance, it would impel scarring which, depending on the skin tissue damage, can take many years to heal.

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So what if you dutifully followed steps 1-2-3 and STILL notice the blemish after the redness dissipate? Is there no hope for those of us that lay down the fighting spears in total surrender only to be thrown at the fiery wrath of the pimple god? The answer is NO — we still have hope in mitigating the civilian damage post-war. We can still pick up the pieces and march on. So here to present to you are 3 steps I follow in fighting the appearance of little black spots vis-à-vis remnants of a breakout:



1.) EXFOLIATE: Mild exfoliation once or twice a week would remove lingering residue from a breakout because it not only buff dead cells away to speed up turnover but also headway to more radiant skin by allowing your face to absorb moisturizer better. Look for products with gentle ingredients like sugar, salt and oatmeal with granules ideal for dead skin removal. I like to use the CAUDALIE Gentle Buffing Cream because it has Jojoba and Grape Seed oil that nourish the face without harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates.


2.) BRIGHTEN: For years we’ve turned to citrus fruits as our go-to source for Vitamin C. Though one integral benefit of Vitamin C is warding off immune system deficiencies, we can also take advantage of the brightening factors of this antioxidant to give our skin that radiant glow. Did you know that Vitamin C boosts natural collagen protection and defend our epidermis from free radical damage? This is important for reducing blemishes because it encourages skin cell turnover, allowing new and healthy skin to surface. I recommend OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster due to its purifying, soothing, and healing properties amassed with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (collagen production) and Ester-c (brightening solution).


3.) PROTECT: The last part of this 3-step regimen in clearing up post-acne skin damage is to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays with a SPF 30 or plus moisturizer. Though natural sunlight is effective in amping up your daily supply of Vitamin D, excessive exposure without broad spectrum SPF can cause hyper-pigmentation and increase the appearance of darkened spots and patches. This is why part of the process in clearing blemishes is to make sure that your moisturizer has natural ingredients like titanium dioxide and contains non-drying properties like glycolic acid and essential oils. I like to use PERRICONE MD Photo Plasma for these reasons —  titanium dioxide protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation sans chemical enhancements and Vitamin C Ester brighten the skin and smooth imperfections.


So I hopes these little trinkets of advice would help you with your post-acne treatment in reducing the appearance of little black spots as much as it did for me. What products have you used in treating blemishes and scarring? 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena 

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17 thoughts on “Rise & Shine to Brighter SKin!

    • Hi Kathy! Yes give it a go! It will make your skin more supple and soft 🙂 I like to use a yogurt mask afterwards (currently the one from Korres) for its hydrating ingredients which is like a DIY facial! 🙂


    • Im glad to hear that your acne cleared out! What did you use to alleviate the breakout? When I was dealing with acne I using 2% salicylic acid and non-comedogenic products that won’t clog my pores. Glad that my post helped you in your skin care regime! 🙂


  1. My skin is more manageable now but it scars so easily. I depend on organic 100% Argan oil, exfoliation, and oil reducing cleansers! And to keep it 100% I also see a dermatologist and use prescription to keep my skin clear. As a person of color it’s essential that I keep it clear and even toned. Great post 🙂


    • Those are great products to use to attain and maintain healthy skin! What oil reducing cleanser do you use? I like origins checks and balances which has leaf extract that reduces excess oil production and lavender to ease inflammation. Thanks for the suggestions! Very much appreciated 🙂


      • I love to cleanse with Vivite Exfoliating cleanser. The 15% glycolic acid evens tone and clears blemishes. And when I use the organic Argan oil I a tiny drop and mainly use it on cheeks and chin to prevent dryness and on my neck. I then use the residual oil on my forehead lightly so it won’t have too much sheen/shine.


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