Inner Wild Child

The bohemian life that reigned in Paris until the end of the ’50s is gone. The artists had more time to think, to reflect, to adapt. Success did not come so suddenly.” – Pontus Hulten

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Ever consider yourself a whimsical dresser whose wardrobe essentials are not skinnies nor white T’s but embroidered maxi skits, crochet detailed tops, and distressed denim shorts? Or do you often sport a garb that’s very chic yet laissez-faire, giving cue to a vintage ensemble with a modern twist? If you fit in either criterion, then I salute you for setting a particular rubric as your personal style. The Boho-chic style. One that’s derived from various bohemian and hippie influences from the late ’60s, which, at its height in 2004–05, was ubiquitously introduced to the bright lights by Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and the Olsen twins.

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A staple trend of a “free spirit”, the effortless bohemian style has a cross-generational appeal amongst powerhouse designers and their emulating counterparts. From “hippie chic” velvet kaftans created by Tom Ford for Gucci in the 1990s, to the major fringe comeback in Spring 2014 by retro-centric designers like Isabel Marant and Free People, the nature-inspired look of paisley, floral and suzani has never once shriveled. To play up this chic bohemian style, follow these 3 simple steps to bring out your inner wild child!

1.) Earthy tones with a splash of color: the primary color palette should be black, brown, cream white, khaki and olive green, but do throw in a few dark florals like orange and magenta to play up that youthful look. Here I wore an embroidered top with a mesh of dark and earthy hues that resonated with the leafy background.

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2.) Disheveled hair – boho-chic dressing is all about looking natural with an unkempt flair. Let loose your hair and add a texturizing spray (like this one from Bumble and Bumble), or tie a side pony-tail with the loose ends slightly pulled out. To creatve volume in your hair with a curling iron, twist a 2-inch strand around the band over the clasp. This would help you side-step that pageantry look.

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3.) Bold and colorful accessories – accent your boho outfit with materials and shapes inspired by nature without losing that personal touch. Pair your outfit with a straw hat and vibrant bandeau á la hippie style, or add on gold layered necklace and a slew of bangle bracelets to express your exuberant personality. Here I paired my outfit with a coral cross-body bag and some rugged olive boots. A tip to emulating Karlie Kloss’s long limbs? Pair shorts with ankle boots that cut off at the skinniest part of your leg.

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Your dad may wonder if you’re becoming a Moroccan “hippie”, and your boyfriend thinks your maxi dress makes you look like your potato sack. But fashion is intuitive to personal style, and if you’re a happy camper in your boho-chic ensemble then by all means don’t lose that streak. The final kick? Meeting that cool, nonchalant alter-ego of yours — a free-spirited wild child!


Xoxo~ Lena

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Credits: Jason J Photography

34 thoughts on “Inner Wild Child

  1. Boho-chic is one of my faves to see on a woman. In fact my last week’a Working Woman Wednesday was all about bohemian style. Love this post.


    • It’s a great style that withstands seasons and trends that evolve over time 🙂 I’ll make sure to check out that post. It’s a bit difficult as a corporate woman to do a boho chic outfit in the office so I’m excited to see your recommendations!


      • My look I styled isn’t “corporate” but a fab boho break from the blazer and pants 🙂 I just love your blog


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  3. “Your dad may wonder if you’re becoming a Moroccan “hippie”, and your boyfriend thinks your maxi dress makes you look like your potato sack.”

    HAHA I literally laughed out loud. My dad doesn’t wonder if i’m becoming a Moroccan “hippie” though…sometimes I wonder that about myself(and secretly I think I’m ok with it 😉 ). And I was never one for maxi dresses because I thought I looked like it swallowed me up until a guy I was dating said he thought it was the most flattering clothing on a woman. Isn’t that something?!

    Thanks for stopping by at Little Bliss Book by the way! I’ll be seeing you around 🙂

    xx Rakhi


    • Hi Rakhi, now that’s the spirit! We dress to impress ourselves and not others, isn’t that so? Now I think accessories make a tremendous impact on an outfit. I would say I look like a potato sack if I don’t have a belt cinched at my waist or if it’s a low-plunging neckline and I’m wearing just sandals. Seems like you have an identified style that you go by, which is great because I’m sure you wear it like a boss! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, will see you around too! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend 🙂


      • Yes I definitely need something to pull in my waist to show my shape…and I love to wear strappy sandals with them…it makes me feel very grounded and earthy and well I guess you can say hippie 😉 have a great weekend as well!


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