Mix. Match. Repeat.

Flashing back to the fashion trends of 2014 can be like running the gamut from A to Z. Though various interjected scenes have taken us from pretty pastels to avant-garde neoprene and right back to distressed denims of the ’90s, there are certain trailblazing designs that despite taking the fashion world by storm never forge ahead to the next season. Fashion trend this summer, fashion faux paus this fall (cutout leggings you’re on my radar). Yet with all the “one hit wonder” styles that fashion enthusiasts are so gung-ho about these days, is there any hope of breaking out of a wardrobe rut without jumping on the seasonal trend bandwagon?

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The answer is YES, and look no further it may already be sitting in your closet! To transform a monotonous outfit from oomph to ooh-la-la, try mixing prints of different designs and palettes!  Though risky it may be to start, it’s an instant style remake that (once mastered) would add a chic and sophisticated edge to your ensemble. Scared to take the infinite leap? Well follow these 3 simple guidelines to mixing patterns and you’ll be on your way to becoming a “mix ‘n match” design buff in no time!

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1. Same color. Different patternsmake sure one color repeats itself from top to bottom. Take floral crop top with striped midi skirt for instance. Say the dominant design on your top is red roses, then choose maroon stripes for your bottom. The deep red will complement each other rather than clash like the clan of titans.

2. Big pattern. Small patternthere should always be a standout piece. Take the above outfit. Your top is lavished with big petals, then your skirt should resonate with thin, small stripes. You don’t want your outfit to scream BUSY from head-to-toe, so choose your battles and pick one pattern to fight for.

3. Black and White – a foolproof way to mix prints without playing the wild card? Mix two different black and white prints. Black and white polka dots bode well with with black and white stripes or gingham. Given the dual color scheme exudes a neutral flair, it can be a great backdrop for other loud patterns, or yet simply its own kind.

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In my outfit today I gave it a taste of my own medicate by integrating all 3 guidelines and pairing a black and white baroque print top with a striped skirt. The color base was black, so I made sure it was omnipresent from top to bottom. I also gave the tri-colored skirt the limelight by ensuring the ornate patterns of my top was minimal and subdued. Lastly the black and white color combo was the focal point of my outfit (with a smidge of navy to keep it à la mode).

Ready to master the art of mixing prints and take your outfit on a bold, adventurous ride? Open the doors of your closet and start digging! Mix ‘n match ‘n have fun pairing!

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Xoxo~ Lena

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Top: Forever 21// Skirt: Zara// Boots: Vince Camuto// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Glasses: Prada// Accessory: Urban Outfitters

Credits: Jason J Photography http://jasonjphotography.zenfolio.com

19 thoughts on “Mix. Match. Repeat.

    • Thanks Naeun! Yes I love this printed top it’s so versatile and I’ve even worn it with jean shorts and corduroys 🙂 We shot the first one at 16mm on a 16-35 lens. I’ve never tried fisheye lens before but I’ve seen it on fashion blogs and it looks pretty cool. Have you taken any picture with fisheye lens before? 🙂


      • Oh cool, it looked like you used a special lens or put an effect on it! No I haven’t used fisheye lens before but I’d like to one day 🙂


      • Thanks Naeun, I have to give all credits to Jason my photographer as he’s really good at adding a unique twist on our fashion shoots with picking the right lighting and angle 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful start of your week! 🙂 – Lena


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