Child’s Play (Lincoln Park)

“Recall the fondest token, by early childhood earned, the spell of years is broken, the sweets of knowledge learned. Bring back the golden beaming, of childhood’s hopes and fears, bring back the silver gleaming, of early gleeful years.” – Louis N. Crill


Lately I’ve been very reminiscent of my childhood years in Thailand. Those early mornings waking up to reverberating chimes at the Buddhist temple amidst car horns blaring through the alleyways. Those summery nights spent at the bustling night markets along Sukhumivit Road with a vast array of little trinkets for any girl to shop at her heart’s delight. Weekends were filled with fun activities like strolling through the Chatuchak Sunday Market, where antique collectors gather to talk about their recent finds, or enjoying a relishing picnic at the King Rama IX Royal Park with a beautiful view of botanical gardens.



Those were the moments full of wonders, happiness and good cheer; no care in the world was given to worrying about tomorrow because the present was our state of mind. No concerns about the repetitious daily grind as life was surrounded by loved ones willing to share the burdened weight on those shoulders. Come to think about it, as an adult we oftentimes get carried away with running this so-called “life’s marathon” that we forget to slow down to take a breather. Life’s like a 5-course meal…you don’t go through the motion of gorging down your meal from hors d’oeuvre to dessert without relishing the fine ingredients. It takes a snippet of thyme and a smidge of saffron to spark up your entrées. So make those tiny moments count…grab a drink with some childhood friends to reflect on those golden days. Go to a park and watch the little ones run through the playground (and join them in their merriment).



In my photoshoot I wanted to re-visit those childhood days by joining the happy campers at the Lincoln Park playground full of colorful slides and swings. My ensemble was garnished by this prismatic crop top that brought out my jovial side, and the colorful Forever 21 necklace in nude pink helped reinforce the concept of “youthfulness”. And to finish this look I brought out my favorite Tory Burch coral clutch to keep all my essentials in place. Given its effervescent glow, coral can be a great add-on to a neutral ensemble, or if you feel bold and mighty for the day, don a head-to-toe sheath! Check out Coralating Matters on how to dress in this summer’s hottest hue!


In a nutshell “all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust”. So let’s give Peter Pan a run for his money and cast out those sprinkles that’ll take us back to those childhood days. Do something beautiful and magical…there’s got to be more to life than Tinker Bell’s pots and kettles right?

Xoxo~ Lena

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Top: Nordstrom// Pants: Hudson// Shoes: Aldo// Bag: Tory Burch// Necklace: Forever 21

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Credits: Jason J Photography

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