Frills and Fancies of a Little Black Dress

Not often do we come across a design so ubiquitously timeless and chic that it becomes a fashion staple across multiple decades. One whose eclectic array of textures, shapes and styles have erratically evolved over the years from classic silhouettes of French powerhouse designs to avant-garde adaptations by American jet-setters. When I think of an iconic piece of clothing that is long-lasting, versatile, and (yes) still stylish whether parlayed on Fashion Week catwalks or the vicinity of a working woman’s dressing room, I think of a Little Black Dress (LBD). So what’s the hot-buzz appeal of an LBD? Infinitely classy and able to mold into any social setting – from a flirty rendezvous to a fashion gala, this timeless wardrobe staple adds a bit of sophistication and flair to any ensemble!

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Though the style and cut varied over the ages from the mod mini dress of the ’60s, to big shoulders and peplum of the ’80s, to the grunge in the ’90s, and finally the bodycon in present day, the lore of the LBD never once lost its cult-status appeal. It all started in 1926 when Vogue published a drawing by Coco Chanel featuring an LBD that ventured beyond age group and social status. The dark-toned sheath was deemed as “Chanel’s Ford” given its accolade was synonymous to the mainstream appeal of Ford’s Model T Car. Justine Picardine described this French born and bred garment as “a simple yet elegant sheath, in black crêpe de Chine, with long, narrow sleeves, worn with a string of white pearls.” However, it wasn’t until four decades later when Hubert de Givenchy took the fashion world by storm and designed Audrey Hepburn’s iconic dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s that the LBD became a symbolic representation of elegance, charm, class and glamour.


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In my outfit today I wanted to play up this classic trend by donning a body-contouring sheath by Ralph Lauren. I love the minimal detailing on this dress like the V-shaped neckline and frilly mid-center folds. Because the dress was simple in tone and design, I vested a soirée-ready look by introducing some color to my getup – cherry red Ferragamo pumps, monogram print evening bag, and a pair of teal earrings. What’s truly versatile about an LBD is that you can play it up with embellished add-ons or play it down with a crisp, clean cut. So whether you want to channel your inner Victorian goddess with a Dolce & Gabbana’s embroidered lace cocktail dress, or take the plunge with a short skirt and draped neckline, an LBD of your choice will sure give you that fashionable nod of approval for taking a unique spin on a timeless staple 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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