Pretty Little Laces

From one season to another, the cusp of summer to the dawn of fall, fashion trends quickly come into the scene as they quickly go. From sleeveless, sport-inspired dresses with closet high-necks in 2013 to peekaboo cutouts with strategic slits in 2014, styles introduced by designers and their runway muses are irrefutably avant-garde and trailblazing enough to compel fashion protégés to follow suit. Though a novel trend can be hot-off-the-press fun for inquisitive minds to try, to experiment, and to remodel, it lacks the “fashion staple” element that makes it classic, timeless, and infinitely pairable with other items in your wardrobe. What’s a positive bearing of a timeless piece you may ask? Granted it’s been tried and tested over past seasons and yet still defies being donned a “one hit wonder”, it’s bound to be fashion faux paus-proof!

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With the likes of fashion staples we gravitate to all year-round, certain fabrics we use to thread and weave garments also transcend space and time. One material that many of my fashion staples use is lace, which is an embroidered cutout design known for its classic and exquisite look. To add a “blossoming” spin to my lacy couture apparel, I chose a crocheted dress in my photo shoot today to showcase another signature trend that never goes out of style — floral prints. Florals, much like lace and other classic designs, have a timeless element in its framework, as the petal-infused design was introduced as early as the beginning of Japanese kimonos in year 794 to the spawn of Genoese velvets in the 1400s.

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Though sheer petals and lime green hue may be reminiscent of a season before us, the lacy floral sheath can also be a transitional piece from summer to fall. Pairing it with a bold accented scarf in a muted shade of black and grey would prep your outfit ready for those breezy nights at the brink of fall. Don’t pack away your summer pieces just yet! Call it a warm cover-up or an embellished accessory, a light-weight scarf like this skull print one can be a great addition to a feminine pastel dress that you’re not quite ready to toss into the back of your trunk 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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Credits: Jason J Photography

32 thoughts on “Pretty Little Laces

    • Thanks sweetie! Yes I have to say I love this summer’s popular hues like pastel pink and nature green and I’m looking forward to pairing them with fall pieces like blazers in boyfriend cuts and thigh high boots! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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