A Brush. A Swab. A Jelly.

Beauty upkeeps. The twelve letter words that women abide by like the cardinal holy grail. Polished. Tweezed. Lipsticked. The life-long affinity that, on average, a woman spends $5K a year to look polished and presentable (to their loved ones, their coworkers, or just the person staring at them in the mirror).


Granted not all of us can pull off the natural “no makeup” look emulated by the Erin Heathertons and Lily Aldridges of this world. In essence the “less-is-more” ethos that burgeoning celebrities abide by often have a hefty price tag. $250 microdermabrasion for youthful skin? $100 worth of makeup tools to smudge, smear and contour? Over time our hollow wallets would succumb to anorexia and what happened to “savings” would become “doings”. Well thanks to local drugstores like Walgreens and CVS that carry affordable beauty tools and products, I’ve found 3 items with a price tag of $10 each that can be used for beauty upkeeps like creating face masks, exfoliating lips, and perfecting cat eyes. Though this may not give you that $1 million bra, guaranteed this would help you get an “Angel” face 🙂


photo 2


* Get rid of flyaways – dab hair gel on brush then smooth along hairline

* Exfoliate lips – wet the bristles, dab into a honey + brown sugar mix, and gently rub over lips

* Whip up a face mask – mix, mesh, and apply!

* Groom brows – spritz on hairspray and glide on brows in direction of hair growth

* Fix mascara – clump no more!


photo 1


* Desmudge – dab into makeup remover and wipe away botched areas

* Create cat eye – pull up at the end of eye liner to give that upward swirl

* Soften lip-liner edge – red lipsticks take note, this would help combat that “Joker” look

* Camouflage darkness – apply concealer to under eye bags

* Hide zits – ta da! Date night approved!




* Moisturize lips – give that pout a healthy glow

* Gloss eyes – eye palette in one hand, apply color with the other, then put a tad of jelly over shadow for shine

* Nourish nails – massage into cuticles to keep crack, peel, and flake at bay

* Soften cracked heels – may advise applying after a lavender epsom salt soak. Heaven…

* Undo foundation overkill – tap some on clumpy areas then smooth out with your fingers

Who says beauty costs a fortune for the beholder? Take heed of these DIY tricks and you’ll look polished, refined, and amazing in no time! Trust me, your wallet will thank you for it 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena

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12 thoughts on “A Brush. A Swab. A Jelly.

  1. It’s so crazy how you’ve posted the bit about the toothbrush and lips! I’ve been doing that for the past couple of days with the lip scrub that I just bought! =)


    • Hey girl, one trick that may work is spraying a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and then gently glide it down your hair from top to down. I have wavy hair that goes berserk in humidity and this has helped me tame my rebellious mane. Hope that helps! Xo ~ Lena


      • Really? That works? I blow dry my hair almost every day after I run, so the hair at the top of my head tends to get a little dry and staticky. I am going to try that suggestion this weekend when I go to a party and I will let you know how it goes:) Thanks again! ~ Lauren


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