Stripe Me To My Core

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From haute couture designs to MOD looks, what do fashion iconoclasts like Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have in common? Aside from representing British powerhouse brands like Burberry and TopShop  (and having an enviable collection of French and Italian leather luxuries), these NY Fashion Week front-row “IT girls” have a distinct trait that sets them apart from other waify frames on the catwalk — a unique personal style aspired and embodied by millions of fashion-focused women across the globe.

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Speaking of trendsetting styles of the Swinging City, British fashionistas have always been famed for their individual sense of style. Eclectic and effortless. Bohemian and chic. Mixed prints, vintage pieces, and checkered designs are a few archetypical British looks. As Emma Watson once said in an interview, British folks are governed by the weather in the country — skirts and shorts are worn with black opaque tights, and flip flops are replaced with plimsolls. In my outfit today I wanted to emulate one of the trending British styles of the season (one that’s rain and sun-proof for all weather types) — the sailor-inspired navy and white stripes minus the dixie-cup cap 🙂

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Marc Jacobs may have paraded models in 1960s-inspired looks with horizontal and zigzag patterns in red, black and white, but the sky’s the limit to how you can pair a striped T or dress without blind-sighting those around you. Want to rule out wardrobe doldrums with this Briton-approved style? Then mix stripes and hoops of various sizes and textures — small floral prints or polka dots with large stripes, or intercept thin lines with the same color along the side of your trousers. Add in a belt to accentuate your waist in a full-striped bodycon dress, and accessorize with minimal silver jewelries. In my outfit today I vested in the British laissez-faire look by pairing a striped animal face sweater with a pair of purple corduroys and pony-haired boots. The pants’ woven fabric was snug and velvety, ideal for a chill evening in the park, and the boots gave the outfit an urbane moto edge. Along the lines of personal style, my signature look was wholly embodied in this outfit – cool, androgynous, chic 🙂

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Give me an All Saints moto jacket and an 1198cc Ducati, I’m ready to cruise into the glistening sunset!

Xoxo~ Lena

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Sweater: Zara//Pants: Loft//Shoes: Vince Camuto//Bag: Louis Vuitton//Glasses: Miu Miu

Jason J Photography

11 thoughts on “Stripe Me To My Core

    • Hi Bella, thanks for dropping by! I found my personal style by playing around with different styles and trends and finding out what clothing I feel most comfortable in. Also reading fashion blogs on here and Bloglovin really gives me insight on what new clothing materials (i.e. neoprene) and styles (i.e color blocking) to try out and it’s a “yay” or “nay” from that point onwards! What would you consider your personal style? Would love to know! 🙂 – Lena


      • Thank-you so much for the reply. As I’m still younger than most bloggers I still haven’t found my personal style, but its getting there. But I would defiantly agree with what you said about being comfortable. My style may be a bit more unique and different than others, but like I said I still haven’t REALLY found it.
        X B E L L A


  1. You’re so right about the British ladies’ styles! If I were to live elsewhere just for the fashion, it would certainly be London. I love the eclectic style!! Awesome post! Plus, your outfit is uber cute!


    • Hi Dee! Thanks for your kind comments. Yes I agree with you that the British ladies carry cool and eclectic styles really well! Do you have a favorite British look? For me I really like Fall/Winter pieces like the iconic Burberry trench and the moto jacket 🙂 – Lena


      • 🙂 I love the “mature” school girl looks. the collared dresses and tops with skater skirts and oxfords. It’s totally something I wouldn’t typically wear, but I think the style is so cute! Pair it with a cute little hat and/or bag and you’re good to go. Uh! Nothing like a good trench coat! 🙂


      • Agreed! I love oxfords and I’m currently on the hunt for a one to go with a blazer and skinny jeans! However I’ve seen girls wear them with harem pants and I’m not sure if I can pull that off lol! 🙂


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