MOD Looks to Rock Out!


This has been quite a remarkable year for the fashion cosmos, ranging from vast array of models channeling their  ‘White Tie’-themed personas at the Met Gala to the effervescent top models strutting their cat walks at New York Fashion Week. Though these pinterest-grabbing headlines of top fashion designers and their creative outlets have conceived various new trends on the runway, their birth is void of maturity without models, fashion gurus, and bloggers cultivating and re-emphasizing these looks in every day life (simply put–supply and demand). So what are some of the best MOD (model-off-duty) outfits we’ve seen so far in 2014 that brought to life Vogue-inspired sheaths and garments of the runway? Without further adieu, here are my top 6 looks!

1.) Elegant and chic – Miranda Kerr


This look from Miranda Kerr is effortlessly chic and classy. The Australian fashion power-house garnered a lot of attention from paparazzi and shutterbugs with her black-cube-white-palette jacket, rocker patent leather booties, and Ray-ban aviators. She sealed the look with her cherry Sophia Coppola pour Louis Vuitton handbag and matte lipstick in a similar hue. I’d have to say, this look is pure “wuff-ly”.


The second look from Miranda has more of a summer-infused flair; her perfect take on the French “je ne sais quoi” look is mainly in her minimal yet sartorialistic execution. She carried the look exceptionally well with a sheen black shirt, 7-by-all-mankind skinnies (in a hue lighter than her top), leopard loafers, and a Givenchy carry-all. Miranda’s main focal point here is her peek-a-boo top, so to reel in the attention she styled her hair in a bun and channeled Twiggy’s ’60s playfulness with funky Miu Miu shades. That, my friend, is a win-win situation.

2.) Fun and playful – Cara Delevingne


The bomber jacket has made a noteworthy comeback this year. This look says it all, with the lime green “DI-DI” imprint with the colorful side patches, to the musky dark eye makeup and the weathered laced-up booties, Cara’s nailed it to a T with her Harley gears. Somebody say va-va-voom?


If you’re daring enough to showcase your Commonwealth patriotism by tattooing “Made in England” on your soles, then you can effortlessly master an ensemble revved by a mix of floral prints and vertical stripes. And no you don’t have to be Cara or anywhere near the London boroughs to pull off this look. Just make sure your focal point is a stand-out primary print and it’s synchronized with a toned-down version of a secondary print. Here Cara matched the maroon undertone of the floral button-down shirt with her pants as the closely-aligned vertical stripes add consistency (rather than clash) with the petal-embedded design. The key to dressing with multiple patterns is to choose a muted color and print as your complimentary item (i.e. thin stripes and small polka dots) and make sure that it picks up one of the darker hues on your dominant piece. Granted you won’t look like the Madhatter in such outfit!

3.) Androgynous and chill – Liu Wen 


To my friends in the Land Down Under, where winter remains largely at bay, one of the most memorable moments on the runway this year was oversized sweaters (chunky knits and bedazzling cashmeres were to name a few). My favorite has to be the black and white ensemble. Whether you dress the contrasting sweater with black skinnies and Dr Martens like Liu Wen did here during Paris Fashion Week (or a longer below the knees version with a feather-wrapped coat, leather tights and Jeffrey Campbell boots), you are bound to turn heads with the mash up of two contrasting colors. Just don’t say moo, ever.


Speaking of light versus dark contrast, there’s a myriad of different light hues to choose from if white doesn’t tickle your fancy. Caramel, beige, taupe, and grey are a few evolved colors. Or maybe take a cue from Liu’s second ensemble and add a baroque-styled mini skirt to your ensemble. With crisp white flannels and minimal accessories, Liu kept the shutterbugs’ attention on her mystically-defined wrap that’s sure to be a front-row conversation starter!

In short we’ve noticed that the best MOD looks are channeled off the runway by the chic and elegant ensembles of Miranda Kerr, the bomber jacket and dual-patterned look of Cara Delevinge, and the oversized sweaters and ornate designs of Liu Wen. I hope you’ve gathered some resourceful ideas on tackling some of these effortlessly stylish looks to revamp your summer (or winter) wardrobe! What’s your favorite look of 2014?


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