The Beginning of Feline Creatures

“Be Daring, Be Different, Be Impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” – Cecil Beaton.


Have you ever come across a quote that truly strikes a chord with you? That upon the words rolling off your tongue you feel pumped up and driven? That’s how I felt as these words reverberated in my mind, asserting the inevitable notion that we should never conform to normalcy. As life rolls out a trail for us to walk through, we should constantly strive to achieve goals that we’ve set in the beginning. It may be something intuitive like becoming a more gratuitous individual or advancing a promising career. It took a lot of deep-dive soul-searching for me to answer this question of “what would I like to achieve in 2014?”. Is it perpetually honing my technical skills in corporate America? Or is it devoutly chasing after my own pursuit of happ”I”ness?


It slowly dawned upon me that though the first option promises a title, a cubicle in a stone-walled concrete building, and a set of 8-5 dress shirts and heels, there’s still a voice in the back of my head that whispers not “what”…but “what-if?”

What if I pursue a childhood dream of writing illustrative content that inform and inspire as well as entertain and amuse? Tap into my creative mind and let the alphabets glaze themselves upon a white canvas? Hence I started to read lifestyle blogs on Bloglovin where I learned the concept of digital content creation and SEO, and eventually delved into creating my own blog called Feline Creatures. Many folks ask me why I chose FELINE CREATURES. No I’m not crazy about cats, but I sure can’t live without a nifty cat eye which has quickly become my signature look. From drawing a corner “V” to a reverse flick, there are so many ferocious feline looks to master! So after 6 months of perpetual contemplation after I came up with the title, I’ve decided to invest in 4 major topics that would be in heavy rotation every post, and I hope that my interest in reading more about fashion trends, life matters, travel and self improvement would bring value to all of you, my wonderful and lovely readers!



In today’s “Mega-Post” I want to incorporate all 4 concepts that beset the underlying nature of Feline Creatures (all paws on deck). After my elaborate run-through of why I created Feline Creatures, let’s get down to business and talk about my outfit of the day! Jason and I arrived at Bucktown during peak hour to capture the radiant glow beaming from the sun’s generous presence. North on Milwaukee towards Ashland, we discovered these rustic railroad tracks that echoed an eerie yet mysterious vibe.



To play up the nonchalant Sunday morning vibe, I wore a long satin ball skirt with a multi-colored top to resonate with the floral gardens past the metal railings. To ramp down the bellowy look, I tied a knot at mid-section to set forth the cinched-in effect. A note to dressing 2 oversized pieces – try to define your waist either with a knot or a tuck so you won’t end up look like oompa-loompa. Because my top vibrantly picked up multiple hues, I completed the outfit with nude platform sandals (these remind me of Japanese geta but with soft cushions – oh so comfy!)  My hair was curled with a 2-inch iron that I tweaked a bit by holding my hair around the clasp rather than clamping it between the gaping. This trick helps to give those perfectly tousled tresses a wavy, carefree effect.



Sun-beamed kisses on my cheek, radiant with a warm summer glow. Down the floral promenade, and on my way I go 🙂

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Xoxo~ Lena








Credits: Jason J Photography

14 thoughts on “The Beginning of Feline Creatures

    • Hi Mallory! They’re Kenneth Coles from Nordstrom Rack! Super comfy and goes well with colored pants and skirts! Have you come across any cute shoes lately? I’m Lena by the way, nice to meet you here 🙂


  1. These photos are stunning, Lena! I love your writing style, it’s absolutely beautiful — every word flows into the next. Loving your blog, girl!
    xo Olivia


    • Why thank you Olivia! I love ur blog too! Ur cats + mice dress really caught my eye, and you’ve got great style too! Have u ever thought of vlogging since I see you do some product reviews? 🙂


      • Thank you so much! I actually have thought about starting up a Youtube channel, but I would probably be way too awkward speaking in front of a camera, ha! Maybe one day though, because I really do love talking about beauty and style and vlogging is a great way to do that.


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