Spring Into Fashion!

Spring time in Chicago, a period when one can shed the heavy-coated wintery shell to embrace the lightness of a new season. A time when one can partake in a vast array of outdoor activities as the weather warm up to the idea of summertime fun. The moment when favorite pastimes are garnished by breezy strolls at the lakefront (read HERE), delectable brunches on the porch of the city’s hippest neighborhoods, and jaunty meanders through botanical gardens deciphering the awakening of floral blossoms (read HERE).


Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of embracing a new season goes in tangent with the zest of discovering new fashion ideas elicited by powerhouse designers like Givenchy, YSL, and Alexander Wang. Like the new albeit recurring blossoms of spring, the myriad of black and white contours and seamed dresses with peekaboo leathered bras are reminiscent of seasons before us, but also trailblazing in its fresh take on minimalistic detailsIf there’s anything we’ve learned from the transition of one season to another is that nature has its array of hues and tones just like the warps and weaves of fashion: embroidery of swirls, pearls, checkers, floral and animalistic. Fashion, in its innate nature, is avant-garde in its parade of textures and designs. Thus what novel fashion ideas should we incorporate into our Spring wardrobe? Read on as you’ll discover a few of my favorite designers and their nifty takes on contemporary additions to simple and classic silouhettes:

1.)    Mesh Prints @ Proenza Schouler

Perforations and grommets are vast contradictions of one another but when it comes to models walking down the runway in a Proenza Schouler sheath, it would only be lauded by the best of haute couture. Add graffiti design to a hip-hugging  silhouette and pair the attire with metallic pumps of the same hue, you have yourself the “effortlessly chic and edgy” look that’ll give the likes of Stefani a run for her money.



2.)     Black and White Contrast @ Marc Jacobs:

The mod fashion introduced by the likes of Twiggy in the ‘60’s resonated with outfits worn by Marc Jacobs’ muses. The optic play of dark horizontal lines was vastly simple yet intricate in depths and lengths as they intertwined with one another as the sheath progressed. Add a pixie cut and dark eyebrows to a minimalistic frame and you have yourself a maxi powerhouse. When it comes to evening wear the horizontal lines have a sequined texture that contrasts the black and white checkered design. If there’s anything Jacobs has learned at the helm of Louis Vuitton is that the 2-by-2 contrasting square design is effortlessly timeless and livens up a any outfit from a plain white T to a sequined shirt of similar hues.



3.)     Androgynous Chic @ Jason Wu:

Valentino may have an empire built on its infamous studded pumps but when it comes pairing them with head-to-toe outfits, Jason Wu has the ensemble down pat. From see through panels to mini lace skirts to belts in metallic tones that cinch at the waist, Wu is steering towards men-inspired tailoring with an edgy twist. His leathered bustier under a lace top may be introduced by designers before him, but finishing the look with structured skirt infused with peplum details is a surefire oomph to any rock ‘n roll ensemble.



Thus the above are a few of my favorite takes on what styles, designs, and texture to add on to your Spring wardrobe. The avant-garde yet refined looks are wrapped up with designs namely Rag and Bone’s tux shirts, Marchesa’s bedazzled frocks, Kor’s cut-out geometric sheaths, and Alexander Wang’s streamlined athletic suits. With a vast array of key pieces to try out, one can embrace the new season with open arms and a wardrobe of fresh fashion ventures. Say hello to spring cleaning! What’s your must-haves this season? 🙂

Xoxo~ Lena  images

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