Woman go put your apron on!

They often say “the way to a man‘s heart is through his stomach” and that cooking for a man is a good albeit satirical way to win a man’s affection. Little do the ladies know that such culinary concoctions not only make the men rub their tummies but also add significant value to skin remedies and upkeeps. So what do milk, olive oil, and even beer (!) have in common? Let’s dig in:


1.) CUCUMBER for puffy eyes:


What do you do when you wake up and your under eye bags are bulging like those inglorious raccoons? Well you put chilled cucumber slices on your eyes. while relaxing to a tune or two. Caffeine has tannic acid that tighten skin as well as constrict blood vessels to counter redness. 5 minutes and your peepers are good to go!

2.) ASPIRIN for zits:


Your mama told you to never pop ’em! Well in case you do and your date comes in the next 2 hours, you can crush an aspirin, moisten the powder with water, then dab it on with a cotton swab. It will not only lessen the redness but also heal the zit given its salicylic components. He’ll thank you for it, trust me.

3.) MILK for redness:


It may be a bit early for sunburn precautions (given the wacky weather we’ve been having in the midwest), but when your Miami trip kicks in and you forget sunscreen and aloe vera to tame the aftermath, you can calm your sunburned skin with a cold milk bath as the protein and fat in the calcium-enriched liquid help fight the irritation. Peeling skin is always a no-no mind you.

4.) OLIVE OIL for rough skin:


Slather on a coat of olive oil on chapped hands and feet before you hit the sack and let it soak overnight. You’ll wake up to velvety goddess-like skin!

5.) BEER for dull hair (I saved the best for the last):


And the finale goes to the German stout! Protein in beer gives hair the ability to reflect light that covers up chipped cuticles while treating “root” problems via ways like using sulfate-free shampoos, hot oil masks, etc. Rinse with dark beer and your hair will look va-va-voom! (This part is important: use 1/3 of a bottle for rinsing your strands and keep the rest for consumption).

Cheers everyone!

Xoxo~ Lena images

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